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Property Owners Will Benefit From Rollback Of Levies

Property owners in Fulton County will save a little money on their 2011 property tax bill, thanks to a rollback of two Emergency Medical Service levies.

Brett Kolb, Fulton County auditor, said for the owner of a $100,000 home, the rollback will result in an approximate savings of $30.63 on property tax bills for tax year 2010, payable 2011.

The commission took the action on Tuesday, June 29, but the rollback will first appear on the 2011 tax bills.

The commission, comprised of Kolb, as county auditor, Beverly Schlosser, county treasurer, and Scott Haselman, county prosecuting attorney, reviews each county property tax levy and the budgets of the operations they support.

If a particular operation has a fund balance that the commission considers too large, it will reduce, or roll back, the millage collected on the property taxes.

Kolb said the EMS fund had a balance in excess of $4 million.

The county emergency medical service bills patients for ambulance runs. For a county resident, EMS will accept whatever the patient’s insurance pays.

Those from outside the county are responsible for the full amount of the bill.

“The billing has been doing such a good job of collecting, the fund keeps growing,” Kolb said.

The EMS fund pays local entities for either operating a paramedic program or a stipend for additional manpower.

“The entities aren’t running out of money, so it’s time to give the taxpayers a little bit of a break,” Kolb said.

An old half-mill (.5) EMS levy was being collected at four-tenths (.4) of a mill, due to state law that prohibits a tax levy from growing with inflation. Kolb said the commission rolled that levy back to zero.

A two-mill EMS levy, which was passed to start the paramedic program, was rolled back to 1.5 mills.

Kolb said he didn’t know if other property tax levies will be rolled back, but the commission is looking at the Fulton County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

The DD Board has a fund balance of about $5 million.

“We have requested more information from them, then we’ll analyze it,” he said.

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