Archbold, OH

Property Owner To Seek Conditional Use Permit

Kenneth “Skip” Leupp, German Township trustee, said Eric Lichtenwald, 24390 St. Rt. 2, will seek a conditional use permit for his property.

During the Monday night, June 9, German Township Trustees meeting, Lichtenwald’s property, located west of Archbold, was discussed.

Lichtenwald, Leupp said, is operating a car hauling business on the property. Cars, sometimes on trailers, are parked on the property for a few days before being hauled away.

Linda Lauber, township zoning inspector, said the property is zoned for agricultural-rural estate use.

Lauber said Lichtenwald has been given one month from the June 9 meeting to file a permit of application.

If he fails to file the application, he will be in violation of the township zoning code, she said.


A conditional use permit is an advantage to the trustees, she said, because to a certain extent, the trustees can retain some control over a property.

For example, the conditional use permit imposes conditions on a contractor’s operation. She said Lichtenwald will be required to build a six-foot fence around the area where the cars are parked.

Also, if Liechtenwald sells the property in the future, the conditional use permit expires, so another business can’t operate on the property without its own permit.

There are some contractor operations in the township that were established before the township was zoned. Those businesses do not have conditional use permits because they are “grandfathered,” she said.


The trustees also asked Lauber to prepare a list of blighted properties in the township.

She specifically looks for cars and trucks that have not moved in weeks or months, piles of construction debris, and unmowed lawns.

Farms are not controlled by the zoning code, she said.

Lauber said the trustees’ policy is not to enforce zoning action against property owners unless a written complaint has been filed; but, she said, the trustees do have concerns over blighted areas.- David Pugh

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