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Property Damage Reports

Reports of property damage, including a fire in the Ruihley Park restroom, were filed with Archbold police.

A woman contacted police on Saturday, March 16, and reported she had smelled smoke in a restroom in the park. She told two subjects she was calling police.

When an officer arrived, there was the smell of smoke from a fire. A check of the restroom revealed there had been a fire in a trash can.

The officer noted the suspects had tried to put the fire out using the toilet and the sink.

The trash can, valued at $10, was destroyed. The case is under investigation.

A semi driver attempted to drive past a parked truck on MacArthur Street, east of Frozen Specialties, Inc., around 7:15 am, Tuesday, March 19. The semi left ruts in the grass. The area was inspected and damage documented.

Another semi got stuck in the mud at the north end of the Archbold SuperValu plaza after 9:45 am, Monday, March 18. Again, the area was inspected and damage documented.

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