Archbold, OH

Promises At County Airport


Joe Short, Fulton County commissioner, has made big promises about the Fulton County airport.

The most important is the removal of a grove of trees to the south of the main runway. The trees cause wind turbulence to airplanes on the final approach, making it difficult, and dangerous, for aircraft to land.

The trees were implicated in the 2003 crash of an airplane at the airport, a crash that claimed three lives.

The trees stand on privately-owned property. For more than a decade, county officials have negotiated with landowners to remove the trees, but they’re still standing.

Short told members of the Archbold Area Chamber of Commerce, and this newspaper, that the trees will come down shortly; but as of Monday, they’re still standing.

Excuse us if we say, “We’ll believe it when we see it.”

We’ve heard before the trees will be removed, but they continue to grow.

The Fulton County airport, long the poor stepchild of county government, can be an important asset to Fulton County.

Short brings new excitement and enthusiasm to the facility and the table.

Let’s hope he can follow through.

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