Archbold, OH

Prom Blitz Writes Two Tickets

The Fulton County Sheriff Department “Prom Blitz” special traffic patrol held during the Pettisville Prom resulted in six traffic stops, with two citations for speeding.

Technically known as a High Visibility Enforcement Patrol, the Prom Blitz used grant money to put more deputies on the road between the hours of 9 pm, Saturday, April 20, and 3 am the following day.

No drivers were found to be under the influence of alcohol, said Roy Miller, Fulton County sheriff.

The next Prom Blitz is Saturday, May 4, from 9 pm until 3 am the following day in the vicinity of Evergreen High School.

The Archbold prom is the same night.

During the blitz, deputies will be watching for motorists who violate traffic laws.


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