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Preliminary Info Shows Archbold, Pettisville Schools Are Excellent

The Archbold and Pettisville school districts will probably qualify as at least Excellent, based on information recently released by the Ohio Department of Education.

ODE has not released school report cards for the 2011-12 school year, as it and the office of the Auditor of State investigate questions over school attendance figures.

Some districts have allegedly been juggling attendance figures to make their scores on state tests appear better. Better test scores result in better school district report cards.

The practice has been referred to as “data scrubbing.”


Ratings on the State of Ohio school district report cards are based on a number of criteria including passage rates on tests from the third through eighth grades, plus passage rates from 10 portions of the Ohio Graduation Test, administered in the sophomore and junior years.

The criteria also considers graduation rates, based on four and five years.

Then the report card formula adds in the performance index score, federal adequate yearly progress, and value added growth.

Michelle Bagrowski, Archbold Area School District curriculum director, said Archbold met 25 of 26 “performance indicators,” which are the test scores plus the graduation rates.

However, she said there is an error in the data. ODE reported Archbold’s four-year graduation rate at 89.6%. A 90% figure is required for the district to meet the state requirement.

“We’ve never been close to an 89.6%,” Bagrowski said.

ODE has not released attendance rates or performance index values. Archbold did not meet AYP requirements, but was above expectations on value-added growth.

That, she said, should qualify the district as Excellent, possibly even Excellent with Distinction.


Steve Switzer, Pettisville superintendent, said his school district met all 26 performance indicators and AYP requirement, but was below expectations for valued added growth.

He anticipates his district will be ranked Excellent.

Test Score

In the Archbold school district, the highest passage rate was 99.1%.

That was the percentage of students who took the writing and math portions of the 11th grade Ohio Graduation Test and passed during the last school year.

Archbold third graders received the lowest test scores on the reading and math portions of the Ohio Achievement Assessment test. The reading score was 79.8%; the math score was 78.7%.

A total of 75% of students must pass the test for ODE to consider a school district has met the requirement.

Of the 26 indicators, only four had scores in the 80s. The remainder were all 90.7% or higher.

While Archbold third graders struggled with the reading and math tests, 100% of the Pettisville third grade passed the tests.

Pettisville’s lowest passage rate was on the fifth grade math portion of the Ohio Achievement Assessment test. Of those who took the test last year, 83.5% passed.

Pettisville had passage rates of 90% or less on four of the 26 criteria. The remainder were 90.1% or better.

ODE officials have not given a date when report cards will be released.

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