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Pre-Fair Judging Results Announced

The Fulton County 4-H program has announced the following pre-fair judging results.

Abbrevations: HM, honorable mention; CW, county winner; OM, outstanding model; SFR, state fair representative.

Accessories for Teens: Madalyn Roth, CW, SFR; Sydney Rupp, HM; Mallorie Strauss, OM

Alcohol Decisions: DaMeisha Damman, CW, SFR

All Terrain Vehicles: Zeke Anderson, CW

Arcs & Sparks: Quintin Keefer, CW, SFR; Zac Stewart, CW, SFR; Wesley Pierce, HM

Art As Expression: Nichole Mohr, CW, SFR; Ellen Warfield, CW

Basic Archery: Jacob Armstrong, CW; Connor Hicks, HM

Basic Beekeeping: Michael Gillen, CW; Zebadiah Smith, HM

Becoming Money Wise: Carra Gilson, CW

Bicycle Adventures 1: Connor Hagans, CW, SFR

Cake Decorating, Jr.: Hana Hettmansperger, CW, SFR; Emily Gafner, HM; Hannah Herr, HM

Cake Decorating, Sr.: Carley Hoffmire, CW, SFR

Cat 1: Cassandra Lee, CW; Tara Lulfs, CW; Rebecca Sheets, HM; Michelle Connors, HM

Cat 2: Mandie Atwater, CW

Cat 3: Emma Carpenter, HM

Clothes for Middle School: Emalee Stewart, CW, SFR; Emily Roth, HM

Collectibles: Wesley Pierce, HM; Matthew Wagner, HM

Crank it Up: Megan Wagner, CW

Creative Costumes: Mattea Zuver, CW, SFR

Creative Writing: Keegan Scott, CW; Grace Shumaker, CW; Katie Spiess, HM

Designing Interiors: Carissa Call, CW, SFR; Carra Gilson, HM; Erica VanLoocke, HM; Amy Miller, HM

Dress Up Outfit: Kira Andre, CW, SFR; Amber Gombash, HM

Explore Insect World I: Emma Anderson, CW; McCormick Warncke, HM

Family History Treasure Hunt: Morgan Schmidt, CW, SFR; Lydia Wyse, CW, SFR; Alexandria Lee, HM

Fast Break for Breakfast: Brynn Ballmer, CW, SFR; Tanner Callicotte, HM

Finishing Up: Jon Boesger, CW, SFR

First Aid in Action: Bailey O’Neil, CW, SFR

Fishing for Beginners: Christian Renner, HM

Fishing for Intermediates: Cal Gilson, CW

Focus on Photo Level 1: Rebecka Baker, CW, SFR; Allison Kelsey, CW

Focus on Photo Level 2: Matthew Lenz, CW, SFR; Zeke Anderson, CW; Kristen Fandrey, CW; Kyle Brackman, HM

Food & Fitness Choices: Rylee Ford, CW, SFR; Alexis Bender, HM

Food & Fitness for Fun: April Beaverson, CW, SFR; Jessica Perez, HM; Leah Cole, HM

Frugal Fashion: Marissa Callicotte, CW, SFR

Fun with Clothes: Andrea Smithmyer, CW, SFR

Growing in Communities: Mariah Call, CW, SFR

Growing with the Seasons: Perry Andre, CW; Jessica Sexton, HM

How Does Your Garden Grow: Megan Gillen, CW; Claire Smith, HM

I Spy in the Kitchen: Kendra Sanford, CW, SFR; Natalie Roth, HM

It’s Time for Clothing, Beginner: Maggie Hilton, HM; Sarah Pilbeam, HM; Mickayla Rochelle, OM

It’s Time for Clothing, Intermediate: McKenzie Hilton, CW, SFR

Joyful Jumper: Dominique Dale, CW

Keeping Fit: Johnathan Wagner, CW, SFR; Emily Natter, CW, SFR

Lawn Care: Brian O’Neil, CW

Let’s Bake Quick Breads: DaRanda Damman, CW, SFR; Emma Cobb, HM

Let’s Explore Outdoor I: Madeleine Wixom, CW; Keely Bingman, HM

Lounging Apparel: Bailey O’Neil, CW

Magic of Electricity: Aaron Johnston, CW, SFR; Mason Maginn, HM

Making the Cut: Jacob Buchhop, CW, SFR; Kaylee Ehman, CW, SFR; Lynnsey Crouch, HM; Austin Mohler, HM

Measuring Up: Joshua Simon, CW, SFR

Nailing it Together: Austin Bartos, CW, SFR; Alec Scholl, HM

Ohio Birds: Cody French, CW; Owen LaPlante, HM

One on One: Trever Ford, CW

Pathways to Culinary Success: Nicholas Wilcoxon, CW, SFR; Mary Imre, HM

Pet Rabbit: Megan Gillen, CW; Hannah Rittichier, CW

Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals: Keegan Scott, CW, SFR; Emily Callicotte, CW

Radio Controlled Vehicles: Andrew Baughman, CW, SFR; Johnathan Curtis, HM

Ready, Let’s Sew: Hannah Rex, CW, SFR; Maureen O’Neil, HM; Jenna Simon, HM

Rockets Away: Cody French, CW; Matthew Hardin, HM; Eric Isreal, HM

Rockets- Estes Type: Ross Andre, CW

Safe Use of Guns: Ben Zuver, CW; Cal Gilson, HM

Science Fun with Electricity: Tyson Miller, CW

Scrapbooking, Jr.: Mollee Williamson, CW, SFR; Grace Bryson, CW; Hannah Gombash, CW

Scrapbooking, Sr.: Melani Seiler, CW, SFR; Taylor Betz, CW; Kalley Martin, CW; Sarah Pratt, CW

Self Determined, Jr.: Hannah McKeever, CW

Self Determined, Sr.: Nicholas Erbskorn, CW, SFR

Self Determined Natural Resources: Bailey Kern, CW, SFR; Gabe Witt, HM

Sewing for Others: Kallie Strauss, CW, SFR

Shooting Sports Archery: Kristen Knisel, CW, SFR

Shooting Sports Pistol: Wade Deily, CW, SFR; Evalee Deily, HM

Shooting Sports Rifle: Danielle Baker, CW; TJ Baker, HM; Michael Baker, HM

Snack Attack: Keely Bingman, CW, SFR

Speak Out: Keegan Scott, CW, SFR

Sports Nutrition 1: Zachary Lenz, CW, SFR; Amy Miller, HM

Sportswear for Spectators: Liz Maginn, CW, SFR

Soybeans: Derek Loeffler, CW

Star Spangled Foods: Jessica Stackhouse, CW, SFR; Payton Black, HM

Teens on the Road to Financial Success: Brittany Stilwill, CW

The Outdoor Chef: Taylor Wilcoxon, CW, SFR

Tractor 1: McCormick Warncke, CW, SFR

Tractor 2: Connor Ruetz, CW

Vegetable Gardening I: Madeleine Wixom, CW; Brooklynn Christy, HM

Vet 1: Jesse Smith, CW, SFR; Paige Holdridge, HM; Rachel Buchhop, HM

Vet 2: Courtney Thebes, CW, SFR; Sarah Sheets, HM; Greta Oswald, HM

Vet 3: Danielle Thieman, CW, SFR; Kasedy Barbee, CW

Writing and Reporting for Teens: Alexander Bartos, CW

Yeast Breads on the Rise: Helena Snyder, CW, SFR

You & Your Dog: Nicolas Kearney, CW, SFR

You’re the Chef: Emily Brinegar, CW, SFR; Mary Kate D’Esposito, HM; Jody Schwyn, HM

Most Outstanding Photography Project: Matthew Lenz

Most Outstanding Woodworking Project: Jonathan Boesger

Most Outstanding Vegetable Gardening Project: Perry Andre

Most Outstanding Flower Gardening Project: Megan Gillen

Most Outstanding Pet Rabbit Project: Megan Gillen

Jr. Dog Skillathon: 1st place- Chris Foor, Countryside Clovers

Sr. Dog Skillathon: 1st place- Elizabeth Gillen, Nifty 4-Hers; 2nd place-Kay Snyder, Delta Country Gals & Guys; 3rd place-Danielle Marvin, 4-H Gainers & Leaders; 4th place-Keegan Scott, Tail Waggers

High Point Dog Showmanship Winner: Elizabeth Gillen, Nifty 4- Hers

Ohio State Fair Horse Qualifiers: Makayla Dennis, Elizabeth Wiemken, Rachel Beck, Madysen Schmitz, Dakota Kesler, Ashley Burkholder, Lexie Shipman, Zoe Poling, Logan Griesinger, Hanna Knapp, Alissa Daniels, Rachel Davis, Tiffany Burkheimer, Grant Hildreth, Aileen Santry, Mikaela Oyer, Ashley Condon, Danielle Baker, Courtney Burkheimer, Sidney Fetterly, Katelyn Brown.

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