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Pre-Fair Judging Results Announced

The Fulton County 4-H program has announced prefair judging results.

Abbreviations: HM, honorable mention; CW, county winner; SFR, state fair representative.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Zephaniah Siefker, SFR, CW

All About Dogs: Katie Moore, SFR, CW

All Systems Go!: Sophie Sterken, SFR, CW; Gabriella Hite, CW; Arielle Bernal, HM

Am I Ready for Work?: Jenna Hallett, SFR, CW

Archery: Shooting Sports, Jr.: JoBeth Daniels, SFR, CW; Archery: Shooting Sports, Sr.: Hannah May Borton, SFR, CW; Luke Borton, HM

Arcs & Sparks, Jr.: Walter Hallett IV, HM; Arcs & Sparks, Sr.: Laurel Garbers, SFR, CW; Anabelle Behrendt, HM

ATV Safety: Zach Smith, HM

Basic Archery: Jessica Campbell, SFR, CW; Aiden Wood, CW; Adrienne Runkle, HM

Becoming Money Wise: Aubrey Schwable, SFR, SW; Josie Spires, HM

Beekeeping: Anabelle Behrendt, CW

Bicycling for Fun: Brock Sniegowski, SFR, CW

Cake Decorating: Olivia Riegsecker, SFR, CW; Breah Teal, CW; Keagyn Gillen, CW; Allena Crossgrove, HM; Danielle Carr, HM; Allie Herman CW

Cavy Project: Zoey Schwen, SFR, CW

Clothing for Middle School: Allena Crossgrove, SFR, CW

Crank It Up: Level 1: Nathaniel Emmons, SFR, CW; Levi Emmons, HM

Crossbow-Shooting Sports: Carisa Hoffman, HM

Dashboard Dining: Hannah May Borton, SFR, CW

Designed By Me: Gabrielle Dominique, SFR, CW

Every Day Food and Fitness: Ruby Heffernan, SFR, CW

Explore the Outdoors: Gabrielle Dominique, HM

Exploring Ponds: Levi Short, CW

Family History Treasure Hunt, 1st Year: Trey Theobald, HM

Finishing Up: Level 4 Jr.: Jesse Rittichier, SFR, CW; Finishing Up: Level 4 Sr.: Angela Garbers, SFR, CW

First Aid in Action Jr.: Keren Maldonado, SFR, CW

First Aid in Action Sr.: Hannah May Borton, SFR, CW

Focus on Photography, Jr.: Maggie Andrews, SFR, CW; Karsyn Gillen, CW; Brianna Hays, HM; Emma Stutesman, CW; Keren Maldonado, HM

From Airedales to Zebras: Tessa Seibert, SFR, CW; Lilly Reynolds, HM

Get Started in Art, Jr.: Ezekial Borton SFR, CW; Allena Crossgrove, CW; Mylee Rochelle, HM; Get Started in Art, Sr.: Baylee Willis, SFR, CW; Haiden Gombash, CW

Global Gourmet: Alli Corbin, SFR, CW

Grill Master Jr.: Luke Reinhard, SFR, CW; Grill Master Sr.: Ethan Hagans, SFR, CW

Grow Your Own Vegetables: Emma Wing, CW

Hunting and Wildlife: Luke Borton, SFR, CW

Insect Adventures: Dylan Mock, CW; Insect Adventures 2: Jack Borton, SFR, CW

Leadership Roadtrip: Jenna Stanton, SFR, CW

Learning More: Learning About Ag Tractors and Equipment: Anthony Pelland, SFR, CW

Let’s Bake Quick Breads, Sr.: Madeleine Johnston, SFR, CW

Let’s Start Cooking: Kaden Milliman, SFR, CW

Look Great for Less: Mallorie Strauss, SFR, CW

Magic of Electricity: Mason Muhlenkamp SFR, CW; Andrew Bettinger, HM

Make Over My Space, Jr.: Mina Wesche, CW

Making the Cut: Level 2: Caleb Wanemacher, SFR, CW; Nathan Michalek, HM

Measuring Up, Jr.: Kobe Hoylman SFR, CW; Jacob Schlatter, HM

My Favorite Things: Claire Hutchinson, CW

Not Just Knots: Derek Zieter SFR, CW; Ezekial Borton, CW; Caleb Lako, HM; Tessa Siebert, HM

On the Cutting Edge: JoBeth Daniels, SFR, CW

Outdoor Adventurer: Beginning Fishing: Evan Reinhard, CW

Party Planner: Hannah May Borton, SFR, CW

Pet Rabbit: Hailey Frosch, SFR, CW; Elijah Fletcher, HM

Pistol : Shooting Sports: Morgan Kohler, SFR, CW

Pocket Pets: Alana Morr, SFR, CW

Purrfect Pals: Karsyn Gillen, SFR, CW

Quilting the Best Better: Natalie Seibert, SFR, CW; Arika Zeiter, CW

Rifle: Shooting Sports, Jr.: Andrew Gillen, SFR, CW; Shooting Sports, Sr.: Emily Herr, SFR, CW; Sydney Kohler, HM

Robotics 2: Jesse Rittichier, CW

Rockets Away: Solid Fueled: McCoy Tedrow, CW

Safe Use of Guns: Ezekial Borton, SFR, CW

Science Fun with Dairy Foods: Tara Crossgrove, SFR, CW

Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry: Jack Borton, SFR, CW; Landon O’Dell, HM

Science Fun with Physics: Zach Smith, SFR, CW

Scrapbooking, Jr.: Alivia Moser, SFR, CW; Hannah Fox, CW; Maebelle Rettle, HM; Addison Keifer, HM

Scrapbooking, 2+ years Sr.: Mackenzie Menningen, SFR, CW; Arika Zieter, CW

Seeing Through Graphic Design: Macie Rochelle, SFR, CW

Self-Determined, Jr.: Kennedy Peebles, SFR, CW; Zorah Siefker, HM

Self-Determined, Sr.: Hannah May Borton, SFR, CW; Chandler Ruetz CW; Lydia Heilman, CW

Self-Determined Astronomy: Tara Crossgrove, HM

Self-Determined American Sign Language: Tessa Geiner, CW

Self-Determined Creative Arts: Abby Savage, SFR, CW

Self- Determined Natural Resources: Andrew Gillen, SFR, CW

Self-Determined Paper Craft: Madison McKenzie, CW

Self-Determined Work Force: Jenna Stanton, SFR, CW

Sew Fun, Jr.: Hannah Lazenby, CW

Snack Attack: Janna Burkholder, SFR, CW

Starting Up: Getting to Know Your Tractor: Austin Gillen, SFR, CW

Sundresses and Jumpers, Sr.: Arika Zeiter, SFR, CW

Take a Break for Breakfast: Hailey Frosch, SFR, CW

Terrific Tops: Caroline Sterken, SFR, CW

The Laundry Project: Maureen O’Neil, SFR, CW

The Writer in You: Raegan Rutledge, CW; Kennedy Comstock, HM

Tractor Operations: Gearing Up for Safety: Walter Hallett IV, SFR, CW

Warm It Up: Level 2: Silas Dickey, SFR, CW

Yeast Breads on the Rise: Lindsey Crossgrove, SFR, CW

You and Your Dog: Elizabeth Mignin, SFR, CW

Young Engineers in Solar Energy: Samantha Stein, SFR, CW; Oliver Seibert, HM

Your Thoughts Matter: Madeline Shumaker, SFR, CW

You’re the Athlete, Jr.: Elizabeth Theobald, SFR, CW; You’re the Athlete, Sr.: Emma Vaculik, SFR, CW

2019 4-H Royalty

4-H King & Queen: Brayden Monahan, Hannah Mae Borton

4-H Goat Ambassador: Lydia Heilman

4-H Horse Queen: Kadence Carroll

4-H Lamb Ambassador: Chloe Creque

4-H Poultry Ambassador: Rachel Hicks

4-H Dog Ambassador: Elizabeth Mignin

4-H Rabbit Ambassador: Ava Hoylman

2019 4-H Endowment Scholarship Recipients

Humbert Scholarship for Continuing Education: Allianna Hite, Christina Norman

Cook Memorial and Award: Carisa Hoffman

Biddle Scholarship for High School Graduates or College Students in Education: Autumn Ehrsam

Biddle Scholarship for High School Graduates or College Students in Science & Technology: Haiden Gombash

Biddle Scholarship for Continuing Education: Cassidy Vanderveer

Biddle Scholarship for Medical Science & Technology: Mary Miller

Clark Biddle Holstein Scholarship: Maytaya Rufenacht

Jacob Hite Memorial Scholarship: Andrea Smithmyer

Clair Jones Memorial Scholarship: McCormick Warncke

Horse Council: JoBeth Daniels, Allison Herr

Ohio State Fair Representatives- Horse Qualifiers

Chaney Brodbeck, Brianna Brubaker, Kadence Carroll, Riley Coe, Tyler Echler, Breanna Elendt, Lyric Gleckler, Lauren Hall, Allison Herr, Alexa Kay, Sierra Lauharn, Emily Lee, Madilynn Miller, Avery Monahan, Emily Potridge, Natalee Rose, Amber Smith, Skylar Super, Julia Thomas, Aiden Wyse.