Archbold, OH

Pre-Fair Judging Results Announced

The Fulton County 4-H program has announced the following pre-fair judging results.

Abbrevations: HM, honorable mention; CW, county winner; SFR, state fair representative.

Accessories for Teens: Taylor Caudill, SFR, CW; Annie Gamber, HM

Archery-Shooting Sports: Preston Baker, SFR, CW

Arcs & Sparks: Mitchell Campbell, SFR, CW

ATV Safety: Devin Butts, CW

Basic Archery: Austin Hill, SFR, CW; Johnathan Wagner, CW; Austin Rearick, HM; Matthew Wagner, HM

Basic Beekeeping: Nathan McVay, SFR, CW

Cake Decorating, beginner: Lindsey Crossgrove, SFR, CW; Conner Hicks, CW; Courtney Krieger, CW; Aaliyah Carpenter, HM; Bailey O’Neil, HM; Cassidy Ruetz, HM

Cake Decorating, advanced: Hana Hettmansperger, SFR, CW; Judith Stasa, CW

Canning and Freezing: Samantha Keil, SFR, CW; Helena Snyder, HM

Cat 2: Allison Smith, SFR, CW

Collectibles: Jack Manz, CW

Crank it Up: Trent Sauber, CW

Creative Writing: Alexandra Barber, CW

Family History Treasure Hunt: Elizabeth Smithmyer, SFR, CW; McCormick Warncke, SFR, CW

Finishing Up: Kassi Studer, SFR, CW

First Aid in Action: Kahlan Schuster, SFR, CW; Jordan Eyer, HM

Fishing for the Beginner: Trey Theobald, CW; Ellie Wixom, HM

Fishing for the Intermediate: Austin Mohler, CW; McKenzie Hilton, HM

Focus on Photo Level 1: Ethan Hagans, SFR, CW; Amanda Baker, CW; Ashley Garlick, HM; Level 2: Rylee Ford, SFR, CW; Madalyn Roth, CW; Level 3: Mikayla Rochelle, HM

Food & Fitness Choices: Zachary Lenz, SFR, CW

Food & Fitness for Fun: Mindy O’Neill, SFR, CW; Rebecca Sheets, HM

Frugal Fashion: Emily Legenza, CW

Get Started in Art, Jr.: Jenna Hallett, SFR, CW; Sophia Meyer, HM; Samuel Myers, HM; Madison Rice, HM

Get Started in Art, Sr.: Kathryn Spiess, SFR, CW; Rachael Noe, HM; Kay Ellen Rieff, HM

Global Gourmet: Emily Brinegar, SFR, CW

Grillmaster: Alyssa Meinke, SFR, CW; Jacob Snyder, HM

Growing in Communities: Regan Ford, HM

Cavy: Breanna Huffman, SFR, CW

How Does Your Garden Grow: Ellie Wixom, CW; Morgan Miller, HM

I Spy in the Kitchen: Paige Smith, SFR, CW; Elizabeth Pennington, HM

Let’s Bake Quick Breads: Aaron Johnston, SFR, CW; Leah Cole, HM

Magic of Electricity: Steven Bozarth, SFR, CW

Make Over My Space: Emily Hill, SFR, CW; Sarah Sheets, SFR, CW

Making the Cut: Mauricea Crouch, SFR, CW

Measuring Up: Bailey O’Neil, SFR, CW; Christian Renner, CW; Caleb Ruetz, HM

Money Fundamentals: Sarah Sheets, HM

Money Moves: Ashleigh Allison, SFR, CW

Nailing it Together: Jacob Buchhop, SFR, CW; Lynnsey Crouch, CW

Ohio Birds: Derek Berger, CW

Party Planner: Kendra Sanford, SFR, CW

Pistol, Shooting Sports: Evalee Deily, SFR, CW

Pocket Pals: Jack Manz, SFR, CW

Purr-Fect Pals: Keyarra Gorsuch, SFR, CW

Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals: Kayla Miller, SFR, CW

Radio Controlled Vehicles: Andrew Baughman, SFR, CW

Rifle, Shooting Sports: Madison Campbell, SFR, CW

Robotics 1: Colton Blanton, SFR, CW; Garrett Puehler, CW; Carisa Hoffman, CW

Rockets Away: Shane Call, SFR, CW

Rockets, Estes Type: Garrett Puehler, SFR, CW; Mason Kinsman, CW; Laurel Garbers, HM

Safe Use of Guns: Jacob Snyder, SFR, CW; Eli Warncke, HM

Science Fun with Dairy: Judith Stasa, SFR, CW

Scrapbooking, Jr.: Macie Rochelle, SFR, CW; Lauren Smith, CW; Jamie VanLoocke, HM; Mary Miller, HM; Alayna Jones, HM

Scrapbooking, Sr.: Mariah Call, SFR, CW; Keely Silveous, CW

Self Determined, Jr.: Wade Deily, SFR, CW; Alexandra Gillen, CW; Matthew Helminiak HM

Self Determined, Sr.: Connor Ruetz, SFR, CW; Brian O’Neil, CW; Helena Snyder, HM

Sew Fun: Natasha Miller, SFR, CW; Hannah Abram, HM

Sew for Others: Emalee Stewart, SFR, CW

Shopping Savvy: Mary Imre, SFR, CW

Shotgun, Shooting Sports: Todd Miller, SFR, CW; Tyler Burkholder, HM

Snack Attack: Kylee Batey, SFR, CW

Sundresses and Jumpers: Mary Miller, SFR, CW

Star Spangled Foods: Brynn Ballmer, SFR, CW

Staying Healthy: Katie Fritsch, SFR, CW; Judith Stasa, SFR, CW; Kendalyn Noe, HM

The Global Gourmet: Emily Brinegar, SFR, CW

The Truth About Tobacco: Kevin O’Neil, HM

Tops for Tweens: Emily Roth, SFR, CW; Hannah Rubel, HM

Vegetable Gardening: Benjamin Olmstead, CW; Cullen Lumbrezer, HM

Vet 1: McCormick Warncke, SFR, CW; 2: Carissa Call, SFR, CW; Mandie Atwater, CW; 3: Danielle Thieman, SFR, CW

Writing and Reporting for Teens: Mary Imre, CW; Matthew Lenz, CW

Yeast Breads on the Rise: Jordan Brown, HM

You & Your Dog: James Allen, CW; Ben Allan, HM

You Can Quilt: Keely Edwards, SFR, CW; Alyssa Noe, SFR, CW; Maureen O’Neil, HM

You’re the Chef: Taylor Wilcoxon, SFR, CW; Lauren Jones, HM

4-H Club Teen Leadership: Payton Miller, SFR, CW

Outstanding Photography Project: Rylee Ford

Outstanding Woodworking Project: Jacob Buchhop

Outstanding Vegetable Gardening Project: Benjamin Olmstead

Outstanding Flower Gardening Project: Ellie Wixom

Jr. Dog Skillathon: 1st place- Mikayla Heintschel; 2nd place- Trinity Martinez

Sr. Dog Skillathon: 1st place- Kaitlin Ruetz; 2nd place–Danielle Thieman; 3rd place-Bria Double; 4th place-Melissa Buckenmeyer; 5th place-Connor Ruetz

Jr. Goat Skillathon: 1st place- Chandler Ruetz; 2nd place-Paige Holdridge; 3rd place-Mary Miller; 4th place-Jacob Schneider; 5th place-Kamryn Ruetz

Sr. Goat Skillathon: 1st place- Queen-Kaitlin Ruetz; 1st place- King-Jesse Smith; 2nd place-Esther Heilman; 3rd place-Ethan Short; 4th place-Ethan VanLoocke; 5th place- Taylor Holdridge

Sr. Poultry Skillathon: 1st place- Chrysta Beck; 2nd place-Anna Millar; 3rd place-DJ Schroeder; 4th place-Connor Ruetz

Jr. Horse Skillathon: 1st place- Hannah Herr; 2nd- Allison Herr

Sr. Horse Skillathon: Champion of the Day-Mikaela Oyer; Reserve Champion of the Day-Tyler Echler

Ohio State Fair Horse Qualifiers: Danielle Baker, Katelyn Brown, Ashley Burkholder, Madison Campbell, Maggie Carter, Ashley Condon, Grant Hildreth, Sarah O’Neill, Mikaela Oyer

Jr. Rabbit Skillathon: 1st place- Christian Renner; 2nd place-Derek Burger; 3rd place-Briley Rupp; 4th place-Morgan Miller

Intermediate Rabbit Skillathon: 1st place-Paige Holiday; 2nd place- Josh Whetstone; 3rd place-Brynn Ballmer; 4th place-Josh Reynolds

Sr. Rabbit Skillathon: 1st place- Helena Snyder; 2nd place-Nathaniel Ballmer; 3rd place-Lauren Krohn; 4th place-KayEllen Rieff; 5th place-Payton Miller; 6th place-Kyle Brackman

2012 Ohio State Fair Winners: Clock Trophy Winners

Vet 3-On the Cutting Edge: Danielle Theiman

Let’s Bake Quick Breads: Aaron Johnston

“Outstanding of the Day” Award Winners

Robotics 1: Colton Blauton

Cavy Jr: Breanna Huffman

Cavy Showmanship, Jr: 1st place- Breanna Huffman

Cat 1 Jr: Keyarra Gorsuch

Cat 1 Showmanship, Jr: 5th place-Keyarra Gorsuch

Cake Decorating: Lindsey Crossgrove

Sew for Others: Emalee Stewart

Tops for Tweens: Emily Roth

Measuring Up, Jr: Bailey O’Neil

Nailing It Together, Jr: Jacob Buchhop

Food & Fitness Choices for you: Zachary Lenz

Rifle, Sr: Madison Campbell.

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