Archbold, OH

Praise For Police Officers, Firefighters

The Archbold police and fire departments provide quality, professional service to anyone, at any time, and they’ve been doing it for years.

It was great to see both departments receive some recognition for their work when Mercy Health-Life Flight recognized them with the Dr. Frank Foss EMS Excellence Award.

The award honors the actions of police officers and firefighters during the early morning hours of March 27, 2018– a few weeks shy of a year ago– when a young man working at a local factory was involved in an industrial accident that cost him an arm.

It could have cost him his life, but an APD officer, first on the scene, knew what to do. Archbold Rescue and Life Flight were there, transporting the victim to the care of specialists.

The police officers and firefighters themselves will tell you they do their jobs not for the recognition, or the glory, but to serve their communities.

Nevertheless, their care for their community and their passion for service makes our police and fire departments among the best around. They’ve earned the praise they’ve received, and the respect of us all.

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