Archbold, OH

Postpone Lafayette Street Connection?

Extension of Lafayette Street to Co. Rd. 24 may be delayed until the 2011 construction season.

Jim Wyse, Archbold mayor, made that suggestion at the Monday, April 19 council meeting, .

The delay is based on results of the village income tax.

When council meets in June, councilmen will have the results of the May collection and a better knowledge of available money.

Dennis Howell, Archbold village administrator, said the village cannot sign a contact for a construction until money is available.

Extending Lafayette Street to Co. Rd. 24 has been discussed for many years. The connection would provide a second access and outlet for Archbold High School and Archbold Elementary School.

South Street

Council voted to go forward with the South Street reconstruction project.

Councilmen granted permission to Howell to advertise for bids.

Bid opening is Thursday, May 13.

South Street will be rebuilt from South Defiance Street to Lincoln Street.

Also, one block of Brussel, West, and Middle streets south of South Street will be reconstructed.

Bob Seaman, vllage engineer, said the concrete storm sewers under the street are in good shape, with just a few taps and catch basins needed. Sanitary sewers are behind the houses.

Most underground work will be new waterlines.

The street will be Archbold’s standard curb-andgutter street, with concrete curbs and an asphalt road.

The engineer’s estimated price is $875,000.


Kevin Eicher, councilman, said he received a call about parking on South Lincoln Street.

In a later interview, Howell said parking is allowed on both sides of the street, but there is some truck traffi c on South Lincoln Street that creates a hazard.

Also, Howell said drivers could use South Lincoln Street to avoid the summer construction on South Defi- ance Street, which will add to the problem.

A study by Seaman and Martin Schmidt, Archbold police chief, recommended the east side of the street be posted as no-parking.

Howell said he will instruct the village engineering department to post signs once final paperwork is completed.– Michelle Pugh


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