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Postal Service Deal With Valassis Is Unfair

Small and large newspapers are opposed to a plan by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to purposely entice advertising out of newspapers and to Valassis, Inc., which bought direct mail company ADVO in 2006.

The goal of USPS is to create more advertising mail.

This new venture is beyond alarming. Newspapers count on advertising to pay its reporters to cover the news.

Many think it will push some newspapers, which already suffer from the poor economy, over the edge. If that happens, it is the communities across our country that will suffer the most.

Advertising helps people find products and services they want and need. News and advertising help drive the economy, and keep the public informed.

Advertising is highly competitive. Local, regional, and national newspapers compete with a growing field of advertising from print media, the Internet, television, and direct mail.

Now the Postal Service is providing postage rebates of more than 30 percent to Valassis to divert more advertising inserts into direct mail and away from newspaper inserts.

Not everyone benefits. The discounts can be offered by Valassis only to large national retailers. Newspapers cannot get the same mail discount because they can’t sign one national postage contract, as Valassis did with USPS.

Newspapers and small businesses deserve the same treatment, but this deal is only for the big retailers.

What’s wrong with the plan? USPS isn’t a business. It is owned by the United States government. It exists to serve all.

It shouldn’t be partial. Everyone should get the same rates and deliver the mail promptly and affordably.

One big goal of USPS is to carry even more advertising, as the Internet saps away letters and bills.

Does America need a governmentowned advertising service?

Shouldn’t the government treat everyone fairly? This newspaper believes so.

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