Archbold, OH

No COVID-19 At Fairlawn

Update: Mari Yoder, director of development for Fairlawn Haven, said Friday, May 15 that there are no cases of COVID-19 at the Fairlawn Haven Care Center.

Yoder said she could not discuss the test results of any indiviudal Fairlawn resident, but could say there were NO COVID cases in the facility.–corrected 11.08 am 5/15/20

Mari Yoder, director of development at the Fairlawn Haven Retirement Community, announced Thursday, May 14 a resident could possibly have COVID-19, the illness created by the Coronavirus.

Due to legal requirements involving private medical information, Yoder could not release many details. She  could not say whether the patient was at Fairlawn, or was hospitalized. She did say a test was administered. Results are expected Friday, May 15 or Saturday, May 16.

Yoder said the family members of all of the Fairlawn residents and the staff have been notified of the potential case. Fairlawn officials have also notified state of Ohio and local health officials. An announcement was posted on Fairlawn’s Facebook page.

There are two areas within the Fairlawn Haven Care Center that have been set aside. One is a quarantine area for people who have been transferred to Fairlawn. They spend 14 days in quarantine before being being allowed access to the rest of the facility.

The second unit is an isolation area earmarked for COVID patients.

“Fortunately, we have not had to use it,” Yoder said.

Cristal Vincent, Fairlawn CEO, said in a press release, “This crisis has been challenging care centers throughout the world. Fairlawn has been watching the developments and our team has worked for months preparing for this possibility.

“Fairlawn continues to be committed to quality care for each and every resident who has put their trust in us.”–posed 4:40 pm 5.14.20