Archbold, OH

Ponder Portable Pools At Council Meeting

Vaughn Bentz, a councilman, brought up a question of portable swimming pools during the Monday, July 11, Archbold Village Council meeting.

The pools, which are inflatable or semi-rigid, don’t require a fence around them like traditional in-ground or above-ground pools.

Bentz pointed to two in the village: on property near the middle school, and another in a front lawn along Miller Ave.

He said the pools represent the same significant drowning risk as traditional pools.

One councilman said the temporary pools are cheaper than the others, but if a fence is required, the price advantage goes away.

Bentz asked village officials to take a second look at zoning requirements for the portable pools.

On a similar topic, Ed Leininger, councilman, said there is a new type of pool cover available.

The cover floats on top of the water, but a person can walk across it.

If a pool has such a cover, is a fence still required, Leininger asked.

Kevin Morton, councilman, brought up the issue of white sand left over from the installation of colored pavement on downtown intersections and crosswalks.

The material is reflective, and was applied to the thermoplastic coating that colors the pavement. However, excess material has found its way into imprinted details in the sidewalks.

Morton said Jason Martz, street department superintendent, said the village street sweeper will not pick up the material. It will take some kind of nozzle and air pressure to blow the material away.

Morton asked that a solution be found prior to this weekend, before the Sesquicentennial celebration.

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