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Politics, Sausage: You Don’t Want To Know How Either Is Made

We are taught in school that good ideas always triumph over bad.

Oh, how naive we were. As adults, we learn while good ideas should triumph, it doesn’t always happen that way.

In this week’s issue of this newspaper, Ronald Gerberry, a Democratic state representative from Eastern Ohio, talked about his efforts to try to gain the input of the general public on the plan John Kasich, Ohio Governor, has proposed to possibly lease the Ohio Turnpike.

Gerberry and fellow representative Matt Lundy, another Eastern Ohio Democrat, call for four public meetings, at which the general public can share their opinions about the governor’s proposal, once that proposal is officially made.

But, Gerberry admits the idea will never see the light of day.

Why? Because Republicans control the Ohio Senate and the Ohio House of Representatives; and Kasich controls the Republicans.

Kasich will flex some political muscle, and simply steamroller over Gerberry and Lundy’s perfectly reasonable suggestion.

That doesn’t mean Gerberry is going to give up. He vowed to fight the governor to keep the turnpike in the hands of the people of Ohio. He spoke of pulling together the Democrats in the house, and luring 10 Republicans to his side to block a privatization plan.

But he also admitted he feared Kasich may “buy off” Democratic lawmakers with special perks or deals for individual house districts.

Politics can be compared to sausage; you don’t really want to know how the final product is made.

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