Archbold, OH

Politics Puts NSCC In No-Win Situation

Northwest State Community College is caught in a lose-lose situation.

It all revolves around the NSCC board decision to use union labor to build the new Allied Health & Public Services building. Since the college provides training services to unions, the board apparently thought it should use union labor.

Think of it this way: if the board went with non-union labor, it says NSCC training is worthless.

But Lynn Wachtmann, state representative, Napoleon, wants NSCC to throw out the union bids and open bidding to all. He thinks NSCC can save up to $400,000 with non-union workers.

Question: would NSCC lose more than $400,000 if the unions take their training business elsewhere?

Wachtmann is a conservative Republican. He doesn’t like unions. He talks of a union-Democratic Party conspiracy, siphoning taxpayer money from the state treasury, which the unions use to get more Democrats elected.

Wachtmann is bringing partisan politics to NSCC, making it the latest battleground in the Democrat- Republican culture war.

For Northwest State, this can only end badly. The two choices: go non-union and risk losing the union training business, or go union and get beaten up by Wachtmann.

Wachtmann should take his antiunion views, put them into legislation, and argue the merits of his case on the floor of the Ohio Statehouse. It should pass without a problem.

If it’s good for Northwest State, it’s good for the rest of Ohio.

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