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Police Warn Of Scam Calls

Tera Rogers, an Archbold police officer, said the number of “scam” calls into the village is on the rise.

In such cases, criminals call people and demand money, or will attempt to get a person to give them personal information.

The callers will then try to use that personal information to steal money from a person’s bank account, or make purchases over the Internet using the victim’s credit card number or other information.

Rogers said the number of people contacting Archbold police about scam calls has risen exponentially.

She said, often, when Archbold police officers attempt to track the calls, they’ll turn out to be from overseas, and there’s nothing APD can do.

“Sometimes they’ll call and pose as a collection agency. They’ll say they (the person receiving the call) owes money, and if they don’t pay, they’ll have a warrant issued for their arrest.

“Sometimes they’ll even say they are a police officer,” Rogers said.

She said police officers will not call and demand money.

“If it’s a true collection agency, the subject should be aware of it. It shouldn’t come as a surprise,” Rogers said. Bank

Scammers will also call, pretending to be an employee of a person’s bank. They will ask a person to verify some information such as their bank account number.

“Always be skeptical,” Rogers said.

“Unless you called the bank directly using a number you had, not one someone else provided, don’t give out any information.” No Victims, Yet

Rogers said as of Monday morning, no one had been victimized, and no one had filed an official police report.

“They (the scam artists) have been hurting a lot of elderly people.

“I would hate to see something happen,” Rogers said.

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