Archbold, OH

Police Warn About Scam Variation

Police Warn About Scams

    Tera Rogers, Archbold Police officer, warned Archbold residents about a new variation on an old scam that has apparently hit Archbold.

    Rogers said the scam works on the same principle as the “lottery” scam, but this time, the scammers represent themselves as being from Publisher’s Clearing House.

    “The scammers send a letter and a check claiming they won in the Publishers Clearing House. They request that you contact them prior to cashing the check and to pay the “tax payment” on the award, which is close to 80% of the check amount.  

    “The letter also advises the “winner” that they’re precluded from discussing the win with third parties,” Rogers said.

    “This is a scam. If they (the victim) cashes the check, they would be out all the money they sent for ‘tax payments’ plus the remainder of the check once the bank processes it and discovers it’s a fake.”

    Bank processing usually takes several days, she said.

    The latest scam came to light after Rogers said a subject visited the police station Monday after receiving the scam check in the mail

    “They didn’t want (to file a) report, only for us to be aware,” Rogers said.-posted 4:40 pm Monday, Feb. 29

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