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Police Support Clerk When He Won’t Sell Cigarettes Without ID

An Archbold police offi- cer intervened twice when a subject attempted to purchase cigarettes for a second man during the early morning hours of Sunday, Aug. 15.

A clerk at the Circle K reported at about 12:46 am he denied the sale of cigarettes to a subject who was trying to buy them through a third party. An argument ensued, and when the APD officer arrived, the officer “advised the unwanted customer to leave the store.”

The customer said he was being discriminated against, but the officer explained cigarettes cannot be purchased without proper identification.

The subject left the store, saying he would not be back.

But 10 minutes later, the subject was back, and the other subject attempted to buy cigarettes.

“They continued to argue, and at this time I advised both if they did not leave, they would be arrested,” the officer stated in his report.

The subject left, stating he would not be back. Apparently this time, he meant it.

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