Archbold, OH

Police Seek Cooperation On Snow Removal

Archbold police are visiting homeowners who have not shoveled snow from their sidewalks.

The department police log, published weekly in this newspaper, indicates on Wednesday, Jan. 3, officers either visited with, or left notes for, nine homeowners on Ditto Street, West Lutz Road, and Vine Street.

The visits continued over the weekend of Jan. 6-7.

In each case, residents were given a copy of the snow removal ordinance, or a copy was left at the home.

But police aren’t looking to hand out misdemeanor citations for failing to clear a sidewalk.

“Our goal here is compliance,” Tera Rogers, an officer, said last week.

“We hope to be proactive. We want to make sure we inform citizens” of the ordinance.

The ordinance, approved by Archbold Village Council on May 16, 2016, requires homeowners to clear their sidewalks within 48 hours after snow stops falling.

Rogers also said once cleared of snow, sidewalks must be maintained. If the wind blows snow across the sidewalk, it must be removed.

So far, no one has received a citation for failure to remove snow from a sidewalk.

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