Archbold, OH

Police Recover Stolen SUV

After stopping a sport-utility vehicle for no doors or rear bumper, police discovered the vehicle was stolen.

In his report, an Archbold police officer wrote that at about 3:19 pm, Tuesday, May 28, he spotted the vehicle, driven by a juvenile, leaving the high school parking lot.

He performed a traffic stop on Park St.

The vehicle was carrying a dealer plate. When the officer checked the SUV vehicle identification number, it was listed as stolen.

Upon checking, the law enforcement agency that filed the report confirmed the SUV status as a stolen vehicle.

It was towed to the Archbold police impound lot.

The driver was given a verbal warning for operating an unsafe vehicle, based on the fact there were no doors.

Tera Rogers, an officer, said some vehicles can drive without doors because they were designed to do so. This vehicle was not.

APD officers are still investigating.