Archbold, OH

Police Investigate Trash Complaint

Archbold police are investigating a case of litter being blown around the 1800 block of South Defiance Street from the Dollar General store.

APD received a complaint about trash blowing in the wind about 12:33 pm, Thursday, Jan. 3.

There have been other complaints of litter being blown away from the store.

An officer spoke with the on-duty manager, who agreed “to be more diligent about collecting trash.” The officer requested the store manager contact police.

In an unrelated case, a representative of The Savvy Dog pet boutique reported discovering two garbage bags lying next to its dumpster on Monday, Jan. 7.

Upon inspecting the contents, mail addressed to an out-of-state residence was discovered.

After checking with authorities in that community, the officer was told the subject no longer lives at the address on the mail. Case closed.

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