Archbold, OH

Police Investigate Recent Breaking And Entering, Burglary Cases In Area

Martin Schmidt, Archbold Police chief, said APD officers have a suspect to investigate in connection with a breaking and entering and a burglary.

An employee of the Ohio Gas Company discovered someone had broken into the company facility, 312 North Street at 8 am Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2007.

The Archbold Police report states a side window was broken to gain entry. Schmidt said at this point, gas company workers have reported nothing missing.

The breaking and entering is thought to have occurred sometime between 5 pm, Monday, Nov. 5, and the morning of the report.


A Fypon worker discovered a burglary at the warehouse, 502 Jackson St., about 5:25 am Thursday, Nov. 8.

The worker told police as he was coming to work that morning, he discovered someone had thrown a piece of concrete through a walk-in door.

The worker then saw a person walk out from between two buildings, west of the mail building. The subject continued south into the alley, west of South Lincoln Street.

The subject appeared to be carrying three items, but as he walked, he dropped one, the worker said.

The subject continued south, then went east between the last two houses in the block.


Archbold Police officers checked the area, but did not observe the unknown subject.

They found all the items the unknown subject was believed to be carrying. Schmidt described the items as office electronic equipment.

The Fulton County canine unit was called in. The report states the dog detected a scent, and tracked it to the drive of 304 North Street, which is currently unoccupied.

Schmidt said the two cases could be connected. The investigation continues.- David Pugh

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