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Police Face Local Man Armed With Handgun

Archbold Police officers faced down a man armed with a handgun Sunday morning, Oct. 28.

After about a one-hour standoff, the suspect, identified as Jacob B. Dominique, 24, of 609 Stryker St., surrendered to offi- cers, and was taken to the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio, where, as of early Monday afternoon, he was still being held.

He is charged with one count of domestic violence. Martin Schmidt, Archbold Police chief, said further charges are pending.

4:30 am Sunday

The incident began about 4:30 am Sunday, when Archbold police officers picked up a woman walking along S. Defi- ance St., who had been involved in a domestic violence incident.

Schmidt said officers took the woman to the Archbold Police station, where she was interviewed.

He said she did not require medical attention.

After the interview, officers went to talk to Dominique, who the woman identified as the other half of the domestic case. They arrived at his home at 5:27 am.

When they knocked on the door, officers said Dominique answered, carrying a handgun.

Schmidt said Dominique left the house, and went to his driveway, where he remained throughout the incident.


Police officers from the Stryker Police Department, the Fulton and Henry County sheriff departments, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol were called for assistance, setting up a perimeter around the residence.

Additionally, Archbold Rescue was placed on standby at their station.

During the standoff, officers kept Dominique under observation, and talked with him.

Schmidt said at 6:36 am, Dominique surrendered to both Archbold and Stryker police officers.

Dominique is due to appear in Fulton County Western District court for his first appearance Tuesday afternoon.

Schmidt said the young woman, an acquaintance of Dominique’s was picked up at the APD station by a friend, and transported to her residence.- David Pugh

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