Archbold, OH

Police Deploy Tasers Against Two Men

Archbold Police officers used their tasers twice last week to subdue subjects who were threatening or uncooperative.

Thom Ross, Archbold Police assistant chief, said officers tased Shawn A. Hovey, 36, Toledo, in the course of a domestic violence arrest during the early morning hours of Thursday, April 10.

Officers also tased Jeffrey R. McCarty, 31, Fayette, after he was uncooperative, just after midnight, Friday, April 10.


Ross said two Archbold Police officers were dispatched to Lot 152 in the Fox Chase about 12:57 am, Thursday.

Shannon Sue Hovey, 31, the resident, told officers Shawn was not to be on her premises.

Ross said The Hoveys are married, but are not living together.

Officers separated the two, then told Shawn Hovey left the premises.

Ross said officers reported Hovey produced a folding knife, unfolded it, and allegedly pointed it at police officers.

He allegedly told the two, “You’ll have to arrest me.”

Ross said both officers drew their .40-caliber semi-automatic handguns; but when one of the officers realized both had their guns out, the first officer reholstered his weapon, drew his taser, and pulled the trigger.


The taser fires two dart-like projectiles that are connected to the gun-like body of the weapon by thin wires. The barbed projectiles embed themselves in the subject’s skin.

The weapon then sends a high-voltage jolt of electricity down the wires, causing the sub- ject to lose control of his or her voluntary muscles. Voluntary muscles include arms, legs, etc., but not the heart, or the muscles that control breathing.

The electric shock is painful, but is considered less than lethal.

Ross said when Hovey was tased, he dropped the knife. Officers placed him in handcuffs.

Following Archbold Police Department procedure, Archbold Rescue was called to the scene to examine Hovey.

Because Shannon Hovey told officers she feared that Shawn Hovey would harm her or her children, he was placed under arrest for domestic violence. After he was examined, he was taken to the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio.

Shawn Hovey had his initial appearance in Western District Court later that day. He was released on his own recognizance.


In the second incident, Police were called to East Garden Apartments about a possible fight. On the scene, officers met with McCarty.

Ross said McCarty refused to produce identification when asked, and repeatedly tried to leave the scene.

While officers were escorting him to a place where he could sit down, he pulled away. An officer drew his taser, and rather than firing the projectiles, pressed the exposed barbs against Mc- Carty’s skin, and applied the voltage.

McCarty was placed on the floor and handcuffed.

Archbold Rescue was called to the scene. They transported Mc- Carty to Fulton County Health Center, where he was treated and released.

He was issued citations for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.- David Pugh

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