Archbold, OH

Police Continue To Investigate Shooting On South Lincoln St.

Martin Schmidt, Archbold Police chief, said police offi- cers continue the investigation of a Monday, July 30 shooting at the Carrie Sleigh residence, 312 South Lincoln Street.

“We are investigating this incident, a major crime, because it involved a firearm, fired at a home,” Schmidt said.

However, he declined to comment on details of the case, for fear of tainting the investigation.

Officers were called to the Sleigh residence about 12:48 am July 30. The Archbold Police report states Sleigh told officers someone fired a gun at the residence.

It was determined a projectile went in a window on the north side of the house, went through an interior wall, and exited through a window on the south side.

Children and adults were inside the Sleigh residence when the shooting occurred.


Archbold Police officers on the scene called for assistance from the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification & Investigation and the Fulton County Sheriff Department.

“BCI&I collected some evidence. We are waiting for their results,” Schmidt said.

“We have been in contact with the Fulton County Prosecuting Attorney office.

“The investigation will continue, and we will follow any leads we may have in the case,” he said.

When asked if officers have a suspect or “person of interest” in the case, Schmidt said he could not comment “because of the ongoing nature of the investigation.”


About six hours before the shooting, at 6:24 pm Sunday, July 29, there was another incident in the neighborhood, involving persons connected to the Sleigh house.

Deb Rhymer, 306 S. Lincoln Street, which is next door to the Sleigh house, told police officers subjects from the Sleigh house had used a baseball bat to smash a “beware of dog” sign.

The police report said John Sleigh, Napoleon, a brother to Carrie, said he was playing baseball with Carrie’s children, when the ball went onto the Rhymer property.

Sleigh said Deb’s son Keith yelled at the children for being in his yard. Sleigh said he was frustrated by the action, so he struck the sign.

The Archbold Police report states John Sleigh was asked to pay $3 for the damaged sign, and advised to stay off the Rhymer property.

Schmidt said he didn’t know if the sign incident and the shooting are connected.- David Pugh

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