Archbold, OH

Police Break Up Shoving Match

Archbold police officers broke up what turned out to be a shoving match in a fenced-in area of the 200 block of Depot St. about 7:33 pm, Saturday, May 12.

The Archbold police report states officers were called to the location about 7:25 pm.

One of the officers stated in his report when they arrived, “we observed one man holding another man on the ground, with another man and woman standing over them.

“Upon separating the parties, we were advised that the altercation occurred because the woman had damaged a trailer.

“We were advised there were no punches thrown and that it was a wrestling match between the man on the ground and the man standing with the woman.”

In his report, the officer said, “Being that we could not determine a primary aggressor, and that there were no injuries sustained, the subjects were advised to go home.”

The case is closed.

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