Archbold, OH

Pole Named To Cancer Liaison Post At FCHC

Michael Pole

Michael Pole

Michael Pole, an Archbold physician, has been appointed as the cancer liaison physician for the Fulton County Health Center’s Rainbow Hematology Oncology Treatment Center.

Pole, who is the medical director of FCHC radiology department, will serve three years.

Cancer liaison physicians are part of the cancer treatment programs approved by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer.

Pole becomes one of more than 1,600 volunteer physicians who are responsible for providing leadership and direction to establish and support cancer programs. He is also a member of FCHC multidisciplinary cancer committee.

As a cancer liaison physician, Pole is responsible for spearheading commission on cancer initiatives within the health center’s cancer program, collaborating with local agencies, and facilitating quality improvement initiatives.

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