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Point Differential Rule Goes Into Effect

In May 2014, the Ohio High School Athletic Association adopted a point differential rule as part of the 2014-15 sport regulations approved by the OHSAA Board of Directors.

The point differential regulation, which is already used in many states, is permitted by state adoption according to the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

The football point differential regulation reads as follows:

After the first half, any time the score differential reaches 30 points or more for 11-man football, the following changes, and only these changes, will be made regarding rules determining when the clock will be stopped.

The clock will be stopped when:

1. An official’s time-out is called either for an injured player or following a change of team possession

2. A charged time-out is called a. At the end of a period b. A score occurs c. Any unusual delay.

The clock will start again on the ready-for-play signal for the first play after the above situations.

The clock will continue to run in all other situations.

The use of this rule does not preclude the use of NFHS Rule 3-1-3, which reads: “A period or periods may be shortened in any emergency by agreement of the opposing coaches and referee. By mutual agreement of the opposing coaches and the referee, any remaining periods may be shortened at any time or the game terminated.”

After the 30-point difference has been met, if the score drops below 30 points the clock reverts to regular timing.

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