Archbold, OH

Plastic Bottles Are Valuable

The small recycling building on East Holland Street takes in thousands of empty containers every month.

Included are aluminum and plastic containers of all sizes. Brown, green, and clear glass containers are deposited there. We are fortunate, because it’s another service to residents.

Container numbers would decrease dramatically if Ohio had a deposit reimbursement. Many states do.

A deposit would also reduce the number of plastic and glass soft drink and beer containers that appear on streets and roads or in ditches along Ohio roads.

If you purchase a can of beer, fruit juice, or pop in Michigan, you pay a deposit. Customers receive money when empties are returned. Granted, that does not stop all litterbugs, but it has reduced tons of litter along Michigan roads, streets, and waterways.

It will not stop all people from tossing a container from a vehicle. However there are other watchdogs looking for free money who pick up the empty bottles and turn it into instant cash.

Many Michigan residents think the deposit should be extended to cover plastic drink containers. Should that happen, thousands of fewer plastic bottles will appear along the roads, rivers, and lakes of Michigan.

Ohio legislators should listen to what is happening next door and take action.

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