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Planning Continues For Sesquicentennial

Planning continues for the 2016 Archbold Sesquicentennial celebration, set for July 13-17.

Members of the Sesquicentennial Celebration Committee met Tuesday, Sept. 15, and provided updates on the various events, activities, and displays that are planned.

One idea is a fireworks display.

Steve Pape, a representative of the Archbold Fire Department, said the department has agreed to take on the responsibility of setting off the fireworks.

However, fireworks are notoriously expensive, and Pape said AFD is not willing to do the fundraising for them.

Cecily Rohrs, representing the Archbold Ministerial Association, asked if fireworks are worth the expense.

“It’s a celebration! We’ve got to have fireworks,” said Lisa Bumb, an artist with the Black Swamp Arts Council.

Jennifer Kidder, director of the Archbold Parks and Recreation Department, said fireworks “bring people in.”

The group made no defi- nite decision on the fireworks.

Pape said the fire department has the old Archbold Fire Department sign that was over the town hall, and has two vehicles that can go in the parade: a 1934 Howe fire truck and a 1955 Ford station wagon. While the pumper truck runs, the Ford “has not run in a few years.”

The department membership will try to have both going for the parade.

Pape also asked for an estimate of the size of the crowd expected for the celebration.

Other Reports

Updates from other groups:

•Amy Krueger, director of the Archbold Area Chamber of Commerce, said there was discussion of a walk-in tour of some of the local businesses, perhaps with previous owners of the buildings on hand.

It’s a way to “get people into some of the businesses.”

Another idea was a Saturday night, July 16 outdoor event with food from chamber members, possible somewhere on the south side.

She said the chamber would be willing to facilitate the Saturday, July 16 parade. Krueger said when the chamber sends out registration forms for the coming Parade of Lights, it will include a flyer about the Sesquicentennial parade.

Krueger said she is promoting the date, “7/16/16,” because it’s easy to remember.

•Kris Jemmott, director of historic operations for Sauder Village, said nothing has been done on the proposed display of Archbold artifacts, because village officials are still cleaning up damage from the June 26-28 storm that resulted in widespread flooding.

A graduate-level history student has done research for the display.

“We want the exhibit to be accurate,” she said.

•Janet Wyse, substituting for Dale Kern of the Archbold Rotary Club, talked about developing the proposed Freedom Train exhibit.

During her presentation, it was suggested the exhibit and the Sauder Village ex- hibit be combined. No decision was made.

The Freedom Train was a traveling museum in rail cars pulled by a steam locomotive. The train visited Archbold, June 13-17, 1975.

An initial attempt to get actual railroad cars for the Sesquicentennial failed. Wyse said the group also looked at semi trailers, but the cost of decorating them to resemble railroad cars was about $2,500, and getting people into and out of the trailers would be diffi- cult.

Currently the group is looking for a building it can rent short-term. A false façade could be created to resemble a train car, she said.

•Steve VanSickle, representing Archbold Community Theatre and one of the three co-chairs of the committee, said a play about Archbold’s past, currently being written by Brenda Pursel Schleunes, will not be a musical but will have some music, possibly a piano and four voices.

There are roles for six to seven men and an unknown number of women. It has not been decided if the actors will wear period costumes.

The writing should be complete by the end of 2015. Rehearsal time, typically, is three months.

•Rohrs reported three men have been selected to manage the music for a community church service, set for Wednesday, July 13, in Founder’s Hall.

She said anytime there is a church service, there is always an offering. It has been decided that money raised from the offering will go toward the community meals.

•Jake Sauber and his father, Bruce, representing Archbold Boy Scouts, said they are looking into the cost of a metal box for a time capsule.

They reported D&G Welding, Archbold, had developed an estimate for a box that could fit inside a showcase in the hallway of the Archbold municipal building.

Several suggestions for what could be included in the capsule were discussed.

•Diane Tinsman, of the Black Swamp Arts Council, said the group is still working on a display of Barn Quilts for the Sesquicentennial.

Barn quilts are quilt patterns painted on an 8-foot by 8-foot piece of wood and hung on barns in the Archbold Area School District.

A brochure will allow motorists to drive through the area and view the quilts.

Bumb also showed the group the final design for the official Sesquicentennial logo and letterhead.

Also discussed was a mural for the now-exposed south wall of the Rupp Furniture building. She said the committee might need to hire painters to do the work on the three-story wall.


•Pat Wyse, Archbold Lions Club, said the group is planning a chicken barbecue at the Ruihley Park Pavilion on Friday night, and would like to put up a food stand at the proposed street party with sandwiches and soft drinks.

The group would also hold an auction and 50-50 raffle outside.

Wyse said an antique tractor owner’s club is willing to put on a display, but would need parking for the trucks and trailers used to bring the tractors in.

He said the owners would be willing to enter the machines in the parade, scheduled for Saturday.

Wyse said there is also a 25-minute video from the former Lugbill Auction Barn, taken in 1952, that could be shown.

Jim Wyse, mayor and a cochair of the committee, said the video shows an animal competition that was staged for high school students.

•Kristin Shields, a teacher in the Archbold schools, said the 150th birthday of the village, May 23, is the second-to-last day of the 2015-16 school year, so it works well for the district.

She said elementary students “are always happy to celebrate,” and the event could possibly be incorporated with the middle and high schools.

However, she noted the high school students would be involved in end-of-year exams.

Shields said she would contact the English teachers about possibly asking their students to write something for the time capsule.

•Kidder said she was asked if the village parks would be available for events. She said nothing will be reserved during the Sesquicentennial.

A volleyball tournament and an alumni baseball game also were discussed.

•Mary Huber, general manager of the Archbold Buckeye, said preparations are underway for a commemorative issue of the Archbold Buckeye. She suggested a map and information for a proposed walking tour be included in the commemorative issue.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Sesquicentennial Committee is Thursday, Oct. 22, 7 pm, at the Wyse Commons meeting room at the Fairlawn Retirement Community.

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