Archbold, OH

Planning Commission Votes To Recommend Conditional Use Permit

The Archbold Planning Commission voted to recommend a conditional use permit for a South Defiance Street home during its Monday, April 25 meeting.

Bob Buschur, Holland, requested a conditional use permit for a home he owns at 1924 South Defiance Street.

The property has always been a residence; it existed before zoning was established in the village.

The area, including the house, is currently zoned B- 2, highway business.

Buschur requested that a conditional use be granted for the home that can be transferred to the next owner of the property.

Speaking to APC, Buschur explained he had a serious, qualified buyer for the home.

However, under the village zoning code, if the house is 51% destroyed, it cannot be rebuilt as a residential property.

He explained that the mortgage lender on the proposed transaction has balked at lending money for the purchase because of the requirement that it not be rebuilt as a residence if it is more than 51% destroyed.

Marcia Cody, APC member, asked if the request was to rezone the property for residential use.

Carma Grime, village zoning inspector, said the property is surrounded on three sides by highway business. The fourth side backs up against Woodland Park, which is zoned S-1, Special.

Creating a three-acre area zoned for residential would not look good, Grime said.

Doug Rupp, APC member, asked if allowing a special use as a single-family residence would be too restrictive. In the past, the upstairs portion of the house had been used as an apartment.

Buschur said the intent of the buyer is to keep the house as a single-family residence.

“He (the potential buyer) has five kids,” Grime said.

APC unanimously approved granting the conditional use for the next owner of the property.

The recommendation goes to Archbold Village Council, Monday June 6.

Council must hold a public hearing on the matter before voting to approve or reject the conditional use permit.


The commission meets again, Monday, May 23, 7 pm, in council chambers to consider a subdivision proposal from Lange Custom Builders.

The firm asks APC for its recommendation to accept the plat for the first lot on West Lugbill Road. It would allow the company to sell the house that was built there.

APC will also review a preliminary plat for the remainder of the lots.

One issue that has arisen is that West Lugbill Road, from roughly west of Lindau Street to Lawrence Avenue, is not owned by the village.

The property is owned by Lugbill Brothers, Inc.

“It was never deeded over as a public street,” said Dennis Howell, village administrator.

“That needs to be straightened out.”

Howell said the village has maintained the roadway for years. He said no one realized it wasn’t a public street.

The proposed lots in the subdivision are on the south side of West Lugbill Road. Howell said no additional houses can be built on the street until underground utilities are constructed.

No infrastructure projects in the area are scheduled until 2017.


Howell also explained Village Council is considering incentive programs for developers to encourage the construction of new housing.

An incentive program “may or may not come to pass,” Howell said.

He said Lange Custom Builders is waiting to see if such an incentive program is created.

All members of APC were present, and all votes were unanimous.

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