Archbold, OH

Pettisville Wind Turbine Blades Go Up Friday

Pettisville School Board members learned that blades for the Pettisville wind turbine are nearing completion and should be installed Friday, Dec. 14.

Board members were given the information during their Monday, Dec. 10 meeting.

Stephen Switzer, superintendent, said the blades are scheduled to be delivered Thursday.

The turbine should be fully operational by February 2013.

He said the district received an extension of the deadline of the federal grant that will pay a large share of the cost of the turbine. The new deadline is Dec. 28.

The turbine needs to generate at least some electricity by that date to meet grant requirements.

But there could be a problem.

Switzer said federal budget issues, and what the press has termed the ‘fiscal cliff’ facing federal lawmakers, could potentially affect the school.

If the government can’t come to an agreement, programs funded by federal grant money, including the wind turbine, could be impacted.

Rough estimates say Pettisville could see cuts in funding ranging from $20,000 to $30,000.

The district could also become liable for a portion of the interest on an interestfree loan used to pay for part of the turbine.–D.J. Neuenschwander

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