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Pettisville Voters Accept State Gift

Voters in the Pettisville Local School District thought enough of their children and school district to build a new school.

It was a difficult decision, as it means an increase in property taxes in difficult economic times. District voters recognized a great opportunity when it was put before them and cast a majority “yes” vote in the general election yesterday.

Based on projections, the new building should be ready for students in December 2010; what an amazing Christmas present for students, teachers, and the community.

The Pettisville community has long had a strong link with its school. In many ways, the school is the center of the community in activities and other events. The people of Pettisville have trusted their children to the school district, and the school district has not let them down, turning out a long line of outstanding graduates.

There are few districts more deserving of a beautiful new school building than Pettisville.

Voters realized it, and opted to assume the tax burden for a new building. For that, they are honorable Americans.

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