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Pettisville Third Grade Students Pass Mandate

Jason Waldvogel, Pettisville elementary school principal, said all third graders passed the Third Grade Guarantee, which is based on success in reading.

They move on to fourth grade, he told the Pettisville School Board at its Monday, June 26 meeting.

He also said the rest of the test scores were to be released yesterday, Tuesday.

He said he would be busy reviewing the results following their release.

State Budget

At the meeting, the board reviewed information from Steve Switzer, superintendent, about the effects of the proposed state budget on district finances.

Switzer said Pettisville is projected to lose more than $80,000 in the next two years under the budget passed in the Ohio Senate.

Pettisville is the only district in Fulton County projected to have a loss of money under the Senate budget.

The budget differs from the House of Representatives version, so it will go to a conference committee to reconcile the two versions.

Switzer said that the final version should be available the end of this week.


Funds were transferred into the wind turbine account to help with expenses and to be set aside for bond retirement.

The district estimates that the savings on electricity will cover the cost of any needed repairs and the cost of the bond payment due in nine years.

The wind turbine bond totaled $625,000 and had a term of 15 years. So far the school has set aside $140,650 for the bond retirement.

The board is replacing lights in the junior high gym with LED lighting. It should use less energy and be cheaper to maintain than the highpressure sodium units.

The board approved staying with the same insurance carrier for fleet liability and building insurance.

The Schools of Ohio Risk Sharing Authority policy was approved at a cost of $33,872 for the coming year.–D.J. Neuenschwander

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