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Pettisville Science Program Is More Than Science

Pettisville School students are doing amazing things with their Science Day projects.

The level and caliber of work done by Pettisville High School and Middle School students boggles the mind.

Several students have advanced to state-level competition; others have advanced to the national level. They have won thousands of dollars in scholarships, and earned impressive accolades.

Some students have turned their interest in science into a career path; several veterans of the program now study agricultural sciences at Ohio State University.

Even those who don’t choose to follow science as a career benefit from the program.

Science projects teach research skills, the scientific method, and proper procedures for conducting experiments. Additionally, students are required to give an oral presentation and answer questions from a panel of judges, an important job interview skill.

Science projects were popular in the 1970s at Pettisville, but then died out. For the last nine years, they’ve enjoyed a new enthusiasm and support.

The students deserve a pat on the back for the work they do, as do the teachers and adult volunteers who spend untold hours putting on the events and helping students with their projects.

This is the kind of program that’s worth the time, effort, and resources required.

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