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Pettisville Schools To See Nearly $500,000 Benefit From Rover Natural Gas Pipeline

Steve Switzer, superintendent of the Pettisville School District, said the schools will receive a net gain of $491,000 from the Rover Natural Gas pipeline.

Switzer discussed the pipeline at the Pettisville School Board meeting, Monday, Jan. 14.

The 42-inch, high-pressure pipeline was constructed in the summer of 2017. Switzer said the district will gain a net $491,000 from the pipeline taxes after offsetting a loss of state funding due to the increased value to the district.

The increased funds will include a $402,000 gain to the general fund and $89,000 to restricted funds.

Switzer also said the district received notification from the Pettisville School Foundation that there was an anonymous donation of approximately $43,100 to help provide resources and upgrade the outdoor facilities and the south athletic fields.


The school board meeting began with the election of officers.

Daniel Bruner was reelected as board president, and Brent King was reelected as vice president.

Jason Mansfield, president of the Pettisville Teachers Association, came to the meeting and presented certificates of exemplary leadership to all members of the school board.

The board opted to continue to hold regular meetings on the second Monday of each month, with the exception of November, when it will meet on the first Monday. Meetings are at 7 pm during the school year and 8 pm during the summer.

All traditional organizational items were approved, including board members receiving $50 per meeting, participation in all federal programs for which the district is eligible, and assigning ongoing duties to the superintendent and treasurer.

One new duty assigned to the superintendent was the authorization to enter into agreements with Ohio colleges and universities regarding the college credit plus program.


Chris Lee, treasurer, said some of district investment funds were moved into Star Ohio due to a higher interest rate the fund was offering.

Star Ohio is the State Treasury Asset Reserve of Ohio, an investment fund offered through the Ohio treasurer office. It offers government subdivisions, including school districts, an opportunity to invest in a public investment pool.

The board approved allocating the interest from the combined fund into eight separate funds based on the percentage of the total funds each individual account contained.

The board approved transferring $36,000 from the general fund into an account set up to contain money to pay off the bond on the district wind turbine. Switzer said the plan is to deposit that amount every year until 2026, when the turbine bond will come due.

The funds are generally offset by savings in electricity.

A recent building assessment was conducted by an official from Homeland Security with representatives of the sheriff department and Wauseon Fire Department.

Switzer is waiting for a written report from that assessment. The district is in the process of reviewing and upgrading the emergency plan to ensure it meets newer state standards.

High School

In the high school report, Mike Lane, principal, explained the state had a new mandatory system for tracking student absences.

The new system requires the school to send out letters when a student’s absences exceed various levels, even if the absences are excused.

Students are considered to have ‘Excessive Absences’ if they miss more than six days in a month, or 10.5 days in a school year.

They can be excused or unexcused absences.

If the student has unexcused absences of more than five consecutive days, more than seven days in a month, or more than 11 days in a year, the student will be designated as a “Habitual Truant.”

The final category under the new rules says a student will be considered a “Chronic Absentee” if more than 10% of the school year is missed, even if the absences are excused. Lane said students with serious injuries or illnesses could easily fall into this category.

Lane said if the student is designated as Habitual Truant or Chronic Absentee, the district is required to contact the parents/guardians and develop an Absence Intervention Plan.

If the student continues to miss school after the plan is in place, the district is required to file a complaint with the Fulton County Department of Job & Family Services.

Jason Waldvogel, elementary principal, shared a letter from the state Board of Education that recognized Pettisville Elementary School for earning an “Overall A” on the 2017-18 Ohio School Report Cards.

The letter said that the school would receive a banner to display.

Waldvogel also said the elementary was informed that 92% of Pettisville students met the requirements for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. Students who did not pass will be given opportunities to retake the test in the spring and summer.


Kindergarten registration will begin with preregistration time when parents can stop in, fill out paperwork, and set up an appointment for their child to attend kindergarten screening.

Parents should bring the child’s birth certificate, immunization records, and proof of residency such as a utility bill or rental agreement. If applicable, they should also bring custody papers.

Preregistration times are on school days from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, Thursday, Jan. 17 through Friday, March 29.

In addition there are two days– Tuesday, Jan. 29 and Tuesday, Feb. 19– when parents can stop in after school until 5 pm.

Kindergarten screening is Friday, April 5. Students need an appointment for their assessment.

The school received a check for $687.90 from the General Mills Box Tops for Education program. Waldvogel said since 2002, Pettisville has earned $14,914.70 through the program.

All board members were present, and all votes were unanimous.

Following the regular board meeting, board members stayed for a work session. No action followed the work session.

The next meeting is Monday, Feb. 11, 7 pm, in the school conference room.– D.J. Neuenschwander

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