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Pettisville Schools Owe Zero To Toledo Edison

The Pettisville Local School District electric bill for March was zero; in fact, the school district had a $1,091.98 credit with Toledo Edison.

That’s the result of the district’s new wind turbine, which became operational in February.

During the Monday, April 8 Pettisville school board meeting, board members were told the turbine produced more than 123,700 kilowatt hours (kWh) of electricity during March.

That is 46,900, or 61%, more kWh than the district used during the month.

The monthly usage was 76,800 kwh.

Gary Keys, TE spokesman, said when the Pettisville wind turbine generates more power than the school district uses, the district will receive credit on its TE bill.

Power generated by the turbine is credited back to the school district at about the same rate as the district pays for the generation portion of the bill, he said.

Keys noted there are two separate components to the power bill: a generation charge and a distribution charge. Each portion makes up about half the bill.


The Pettisville school building uses some natural gas to operate boilers to heat parts of the school, and for other uses.

Restrooms, floors in the locker rooms, the greenhouse, and the remaining part of the original school building are heated with hot water, which comes from a boiler that uses natural gas.

The boiler is also a backup for the school geothermal heating system.

Switzer said studies are being conducted to determine if it is feasible to use electricity generated by the wind turbine to run the boilers. One option being explored is a dual-fuel situation, where electricity would be used on windy days, and natural gas on days when the winds are calm.

He said the school board decided to go with a natural gas boiler, because when the school was built, it was not known when the turbine would be completed and operational.


When interviewed, Switzer said he was holding the TE electricity bill.

There was $0 due, plus the $1,091.98 credit.

“I’m thinking of framing it and putting it on the wall,” he said.

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