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Pettisville Schools End Year In The Black

Year-end figures show that the Pettisville School district ended its fiscal year with a positive cash flow of over $40,000, even though just three months ago, the district expected a $174,000 loss.

The change was due to several factors, including higher than expected income tax revenue, numerous costsaving steps taken by the district, and some expenses that were delayed into the next fiscal year.

The positive figures were shared with the school board at its Monday, July 16 meeting.

The board voted to remove an income tax levy request from the August special election ballot at its June meeting.

Test Scores

The board heard more good news when Jason Waldvogel, elementary principal, shared preliminary results from the Ohio Achievement Test.

The results show Pettisville students did well, meeting state requirements in every area and for every grade level, third through eighth grades.

One highlight is that 100% of Pettisville third graders were rated proficient or higher on both reading and math, and over half of those students earned the top rating of “advanced.”

The results need to go through a verification process before they are considered final.

In other business, the board approved a freeze in the base pay for administrative and support staff. The freeze is in line with the freeze in the contract with the teaching staff.

With the base pay frozen, the only pay increases that will occur are when an employee moves on the pay scale due to their years of service.

Teachers may increase their pay through additional education.

The board voted to fill two vacant teaching positions.

Shannon Borton, a Pettisville resident who had been teaching part-time for the district for the past four years, was moved into a fulltime position.

Borton will be assigned to the second grade. She is a graduate of Defiance College and recently completed her master’s degree.

Hanna Beck will fill the one-year position created when the board approved a leave of absence for Jodi Crossgrove.

Beck is a PHS graduate who received her degree in education from Spring Arbor College. She will teach third grade.

New Positions

The board also approved the creation of two new positions. One is a library manager position to replace the certified librarian.

The new position is considered an educational aide, and will be a 6.5-hour job for the school year. Due to a lower salary and that the job does not include benefits, the district will save approximately $60,000 annually.

A second opening is a technical coordinator/network administrator to replace the teaching/technical coordinator post previously held by Penelope McCartney, a longtime Pettisville teacher.

The new position is a salaried position with primary emphasis on the computer and technology needs of the district.

Lunch Prices

One additional action was to set lunch prices for the school year.

Steve Switzer, superintendent, explained that the district is required to review its local lunch prices to ensure they are in line with the reimbursement price provided to schools by the federal government.

Lunch prices are raised by 10 cents across the board, bringing the price of an elementary school lunch to $2.35, a high school lunch to $2.50, and an adult lunch to $3.20.

Milk and breakfast prices remain unchanged.

During board discussion, a question was raised concerning home school students who might wish to enroll on a part-time basis to take advantage of a certain class or so they can be eligible to participate in school sports programs.

After some discussion, the board decided to study the topic further. It would consider the question at a later date.

All board members were present, and all votes were unanimous with the exception of one abstention on a hiring vote due to a board member being related to the candidate.

The next board meeting is Monday, Aug. 13, 8 pm, in the school conference room.– D.J. Neuenschwander


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