Archbold, OH

Pettisville Schools Add Bus Stops

While Archbold school offi- cials are consolidating routes and looking to cut travel miles, Pettisville will add routes to its school bus schedule.

Steve Switzer, district superintendent, told members of the Pettisville School Board at the Monday night, Aug. 11 meeting, that stops are being added at Archbold and Wauseon.

Switzer said two present school bus routes will be extended to pick up and drop off open enrollment students. Open enrollment students from Archbold will be picked up and dropped off near the tennis courts in Archbold Memorial Park. Open enrollment students from Wauseon will be picked up and dropped off in the parking lot west of the sledding hill in Homecoming Park.

Switzer told board members the move is to “maintain the base we have.”

When open enrollment started, Switzer said people were told if they were going to drive their youngsters three miles to school, they might as well drive six or 10 to take them to Pettisville.

But now, with high gasoline prices, that’s not a viable argument anymore.

Adding the new bus stops “is an attempt to be user-friendly,” Switzer said.

He said eight to 10 students have signed up for the bus in Wauseon, and four or five from Archbold.

Switzer and David Deskins, superintendent of the Archbold Area School district, said all buses from each district have passed inspection and are ready to carry students for the 2008-09 school year.


Archbold recently traded five old school buses, at least two of which wouldn’t run, for two new buses. That, Deskins said, “increased our inspection performance.”

The Archbold school district has consolidated a bus route, and Beth Wanemacher, transportation coordinator, said she’s gone to two-tiered routing.

That means a bus will go out and collect students from outlying areas, drop them off at school, then head back out to pick up students closer to the school.

When asked about athletic bus trips, Deskins said the district has tried to reduce “as much as possible” extended trips in school buses.

He said he is pursuing the possibility of using vans to transport small numbers of athletes.

Fuel Prices

Wanemacher said during 2007-08, the district spent $68,681 for diesel fuel for its bus fleet.

That’s up $22,456, or about 48.6%, from the 2006-07 school year, when the district spent $46,225 for diesel.

But Wanemacher said total expenses for the bus fleet for the 2007-08 school year were only up about $14,000.

She said with newer buses in the fleet, expensive repairs were down.

Also, she said, Steve Liechty, who handles bus maintenance for the district, was doing more repairs in-house and was doing an outstanding job with preventative maintenance.

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