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Pettisville School Board To Sell House

The Pettisville Board of Education set an auction date of Sunday, June 23, 7 pm, for the sale of the schoolowned property across from the school on Summit St.

The board voted to sell the home at its Monday, June 10 meeting.

The house was used for additional storage space prior to building the new school. It served as an office for construction crews while the new building was being built.

It has been vacant for a number of years.

“Realistically, there is a cost involved in keeping it,” said Chris Lee, district treasurer.

“We mow the yard, do any maintenance or repairs, and pay the property taxes. As far as the electric goes, right now the only electric being used is for the gas tank. In the winter we run very minimal heat.”

Following a brief discussion on the advisability of selling at this time given current housing prices, the board voted unanimously to go ahead with the sale.

Frey & Sons, Archbold, was chosen to serve as the auctioneer for the property.

The board decided at its May meeting to accept 85% of the appraised value of $55,900, or about $47,500, as the minimum bid.

The board authorized president John King and board member Tom Beck to accept a lower bid should they deem it necessary to do so.


John Poulson, high school agriculture instructor, and Luann Bacon, high school family consumer science instructor, were offered oneyear limited contracts under the “retire and return” provision.

Poulson will be paid for an additional 60 days beyond the regular teacher schedule and Bacon will be paid for five extended days.

The board approved the one-year contracts pending signed agreements with the salary committee.

Under retire and return, the two will be able to collect State Teacher Retirement System pensions and work at their former jobs.

The responsibility for their health insurance defaults to STRS, saving the district money.

Elementary Counselor

At the request of Steve Switzer, superintendent, the board agreed to modify the contract of school psychologist Matt Shumaker.

Last year, Shumaker was under contract to Pettisville schools full-time, and the school “sub-let” 40% of his time to Edgerton and 40% to Ayersville.

School officials would like to increase his time at Pettisville to three days per week instead of one day, and he will take on the additional role of elementary guidance counselor.

“We’ll take Edgerton’s portion of his time and assign him here,” said Switzer.

“This cuts back on his extended days by six days.

“He’ll also assume the role as our director of special education. It will be nice to have a point person for that, especially with Matt’s approach, his wisdom and his knowledge.”–Pam Graber

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