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Pettisville School Board Sets Insurance Rules

Pettisville School Board approved a document setting the health care benefit offerings for classified staff at its Monday, Sept. 11 meeting.

The benefit offerings set down by the board are less generous than those laid down under the federal Affordable Care Act, commonly called Obamacare.

Because the school requirements to receive health care benefits are higher than those of the ACA, Pettisville cannot follow its own policy.

In a later interview, Steve Switzer, superintendent, said the district will follow the federal law. If that law is repealed in the future, the district would fall back on its own policy.

If the ACA is repealed, four employees who presently qualify for health insurance under the ACA would not qualify under school district policy.

Would those four employees lose their health care coverage if the ACA is repealed?

“At that point, we would decide how to transition” between the ACA and school policy, Switzer said.

The Policy

Under the policy approved by the board, a classified employee who works 2,000 or more hours each year qualifies for family health coverage.

Those classified employees who work 1,400 or more hours per year will qualify for single-person health care coverage.

The new policy approved by the board offers dental and vision coverage to the health care plans.

All employees who work over 1,000 hours annually receive $60,000 of term life insurance.

That, Switzer said, has been school policy for many years.

Cafeteria Workers

Members of the district cafeteria staff have asked the school board to offer health insurance to them. The issue has been before the board on more than one occasion.

Under school policy, the head cook and the person in the cook I position would qualify for health care, and dental and vision coverage are added.

Cooks II and III, who work fewer hours, would not qualify, Switzer said.

Switzer noted that some teacher aides in the district were offered health care coverage; all three declined the offer.

The school board approved the health insurance qualification policy following a brief executive session.

The next meeting is Monday, Oct. 9, 7 pm, in the school conference room.–D.J. Neuenschwander with David Pugh

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