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Pettisville School Board Puts Income Tax On Aug. 7 Ballot

The Pettisville School Board voted to place a new 1% income tax on the ballot at its Monday, April 23 meeting.

The tax levy will go before voters at the Tuesday, Aug. 7 special election. The board approved asking for a continuing tax rather than asking for one with a limited term.

Steve Switzer, school district superintendent, said the levy is needed because expenditures for the district will begin exceeding revenues this fiscal year, eating into the cash surplus the district currently holds.

The projection is based on figures prepared by Chris Lee, district treasurer, which show expenditures this year will be $174,000 over revenues received.

According to figures Switzer provided, over the past six years, growth in expenditures was held to 13%, but growth in revenue was only 2.5% for the same period.

If it passes, the new tax levy will double the current rate that Pettisville district residents pay in school district income tax.

It will also place Pettisville at the highest income tax level for school districts in the state. Only four other districts in the state currently levy a 2% income tax. Contracts

In personnel matters, the board approved contracts for a number of teacher, administrative, and support personnel.

The board approved a fiveyear administrative contract for Brian Leppelmeier, athletic director, which also includes some teaching duties.

One-year contracts were approved for teachers Lisa Aeschliman, Charles Nafziger, and Nancy Rupp. A three-year contract was approved for Jason Mansfi eld.

Shannon Borton was approved for a one-year parttime contract. Her position is funded through grant monies.

Amy Marshall and Kelly McDermott were approved for support staff positions for the coming school year. Cindy Krill was added as a substitute bus driver for the remainder of this year. Abstention

Josh Bruner will serve as a special varsity assistant baseball coach for the current school year.

He is a nephew of Dan Bruner, board member. Dan Bruner abstained when the board voted on the position.

The next board meeting is Monday, May 14, 7 pm, in the conference room.–D.J. Neuenschwander

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