Archbold, OH

Pettisville School Board Okays Settlement

The Pettisville School Board approved a settlement agreement over items that were omitted from, or changed in, the district school building, which opened in 2011.

The document releases The Buehrer Group Architecture and Engineering, Maumee, and SecurCom, Inc., Minster, from all claims between the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission and the district.

Each company will pay $10,000 for items that should have been included in the contract for security cameras and access control for the school building.

The two $10,000 payments are “a compromise of the 14 missing Ohio School Design Manual scope items that should have been included in the security camera and access control specs (specifications) that were not provided, and 12 work items that were part of the contract but were not included,” Steve Switzer, superintendent, said in his written report to the board.

“These elements surfaced in our closeout and review of the project. These were omissions or modifications made without the appropriate paperwork.

“These elements were not intentional omissions, and do not reflect negatively on the two firms involved.”

The funds paid by the two companies will be added to $100,000 provided through the Ohio School Facilities Commission project to complete replacement and improvements to the security camera and building access systems.

The district also applied for a grant for $40,000, to be matched by about $13,000 in local dollars.

If approved, the grant will be used to assist with a security camera upgrade and replacement project which Mike Zimmerman, tech coordinator for the district, has designed and will supervise.

Best Practices

Chris Lee, district treasurer, said he has scheduled a meeting with representatives of all booster groups to discuss best fiscal practices.

Lee said representatives from the district liability insurance carrier will be at the meeting to discuss tips and policies that should be followed to minimize risk.

These best practices will both protect the money that flows through the organizations and protect the people who handle the money.

Invited are representatives of the Music Boosters, Athletic Boosters, FFA Alumni, Pettisville Community Recreation, and Pettisville Schools Foundation.

The meeting is Monday, Sept. 30, 7 pm, in the school conference room.


The board approved increasing the credit limit on the credit card issued to John Poulson, district vocational agriculture teacher, from $3,000 to $8,000.

The increase was necessary to allow Poulson to secure lodging for major FFA events.­– D.J. Neuenschwander