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Pettisville School Board Approves Hiring Two

The Pettisville School Board approved hiring two people during its Monday, June 10 board meeting.

At the recommendation of Steve Switzer, superintendent, the board approved reinstating a full-time position for an elementary counselor. Switzer said that while the district might be able to hire a part-time counselor, “we probably wouldn’t keep that person long-term.”

He estimated that increasing the position to full-time would mean an increase to the budget of about $14,000.

The new full-time position was immediately filled by the hiring of Victoria Jordan. Jordan has a Master of Arts degree in school counseling from the University of Toledo, as well as a bachelor’s degree in psychology with minors in counseling and communications.

She did her internship at Ottawa Hills Elementary School, and worked at a summer job with Lucas County Job and Family Services.

The board hired Deana Beck to fill a teacher aide position in the elementary special education class. She will assist Jamie Fox.

Beck is taking coursework this summer to learn sign language to meet the requirements of the position.

Mary Sauder, a second aide, is also taking the signing class so that she can serve as a backup if needed.

The board approved hiring Beck for approximately 6.5 hours daily, and adding $1.50 per hour to the pay scale due to the required ability to know sign language.

The two aides will also receive a $500 stipend this summer for their time spent learning to sign.


The board accepted two resignations.

Matt Shumaker, who had served as school psychologist since 2012, resigned to take a full-time position with the Educational Service Center.

Carl Hamilton resigned from his bus driver position, but agreed to continue as a substitute driver.

A lengthy list of supplemental contracts was approved for the coming school year.

Most were for sports positions, although contracts were also approved for club sponsors, class advisers, drama positions, and yearbook/ newspaper advisers.

Approximately 55 contracts went to licensed instructors and 28 went to other individuals. Most remained unchanged from previous years.


A list of service awards for district employees was presented to the board.

Four individuals received 5-year awards: Dave Disbrow, Amy Murrey, Julia Richer, and Andy Switzer.

Two received 10-year awards: Kelly McDermott and Kendra Stahl.

Ron Burkholder was the sole recipient of a 20-year award.

Three received 25-year awards: Jim Hoops, Marla Miller, and Roger Weber.

Barb Stahl received awards due to her retirement from teaching at Pettisville.

All board members were present, and all votes were unanimous with the exception of one in which John King abstained due to supplemental contracts involving members of his family.

The regular July board meeting was moved to Monday, July 22, 8 pm, due to conflicts with board and administration vacations.–D.J. Neuenschwander