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Pettisville Junior High School Names 2010 Award Winners

Outstanding Student Awards

Ag 8– Eliot Hartzler, Shelby Miller

Art 8– Brooke Waidelich

Computer 7– Mikayla Crouch, Ben Graber

English 7– Jakob Waidelich English 8– Taylor D’Alelio Health 7– Noah Miller

History 8– Chrysta Beck

Advanced Junior High Math– Ben Graber

Pre-Algebra 8– Audra Klopfenstein

Algebra 1 (8th grader)– Brooke Waidelich

Physical Education 7– Mikala Avina

Physical Education 8– Josh Sauder

Reading 7– Mikala Avina

Science 7– Mikala Avina, Eli King

Science 8– Brooke Waidelich, Shelby Miller

Social Studies 7– Sarah Christiansen

Transitions and Careers 8– Shelby Miller, Daniel Sauder

English Award

Ms. Dorosz

4.0 Awards

Clara Beck, Eliot Hartzler, Lauren Hostetler, Chrysta Beck, Shelby Miller, Brooke Waidelich

Scholastic Writing Awards

Chrysta Beck, silver key; Clara Beck, certificate of merit; Taylor D’Alelio, gold key

8th Grade Spelling Bee

Clara Beck, Taylor D’Alelio

Attendance Awards

7th Grade–
Erin Betz, Sarah Christiansen, Mikayla Crouch, Jacob Hauter, Dylan Hernandez*, Matthew Hulbert, Tate Kauffman, Matthew Kempher, Elias King, Dustin Nofziger, Nathaniel Oehler, Christian Paneda, Sarah Plassman, Andrew Purtee, Levi Rash, Timothy Rufenacht. 8th Grade–
Angela Austin, Chrysta Beck, Clara Beck, Reed Behnfeldt*, Trisha Cousino, Eliot Hartzler, Josiah Hoops, Troy King, Andrew Mayer, Shelby Miller, Jeffery Ramey, Kathryn Roth, Korben Rychener, Joshua Sauder*, Taylor Schnitkey, Alyssa Spiess, Forest Stuckey, Brooke Waidelich*, Claire Waidelich, Zachary Weber

(*) denotes perfect attendance

Science Fair Special Awards

Shelby Miller, 2nd place, 8th grade poster presentation at Ohio Science and Humanities Symposium

Daniel Sauder, Black Swamp Audubon Society Outstanding Project in Ecological Conservation

Brooke Waidelich, Bethel Grange of Henry Co. Outstanding Project in Originality and Creativity

Chrysta Beck, Epilepsy Center of NW Ohio Outstanding Project Showing Effective Use of Scientific Method

Art Awards

Outstanding 8th Grade Art Award– Brooke Waidelich

8th Grade Art Awards– Chrysta Beck, Clara Beck, Taylor D’Alelio, Eliot Hartzler, Shelby Miller, Forest Stuckey

Music Awards

Junior High Band-Director’s Award– Audra Klopfenstein

Junior High Choir-Director’s Award– Daniel Sauder


Outstanding Member– Trisha Cousino


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