Archbold, OH

Pettisville Junior High 2013 Award Winners

Outstanding Student Awards

Ag 8: Lynnsey Crouch, Jacob Dennis

Art 8: Nathan Hartzler

English 7: Sara Greek, Jake Myers

English 8: Ava Hoops

Family and Consumer Science 8: Tessa Waidelich

Health 7: Owen King

History 8: Gabriel Beck, Alayna Jones

Advanced Junior High Math: Kyra Behnfeldt

Pre-Algebra 8: Seth Brakefield

Algebra 1 (8th grader): Gabriel Beck

Physical Education 7: Kyra Behnfeldt

Physical Education 8: Nathan Hartzler, Ava Hoops

Reading 7: Nichole Foor

Science 7: Jake Myers

Science 8: Gabriel Beck

Social Studies 7: Jake Myers

English 7 Awards

Scholastic Writing Awards: Gretchen Lee, gold; Sara Greek, gold, silver

Perfect Attendance Awards

Harper Nolander, Jess Youse

Music Awards

Junior High Band-Director’s Award: Gabriel Beck

Junior High Choir-Director’s Award: Fernanda Hernandez


Outstanding Junior High Members: Harper Nolander, Fernanda Hernandez

2013 University of Toledo CampMed Program Participants

Esmeralda Hernandez, Sydney Purtee

Fulton County Spelling Bee Participants

7th Grade: Jake Myers
8th Grade: Gabriel Beck

MathCounts Participants

Jake Myers, Gretchen Lee, Elizabeth Sauder, Harper Nolander

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