Archbold, OH

Pettisville Friendship Days Builds Community

Caring, supportive residents are essential building blocks in successful communities. Remove their support, and the community crumbles. Nurture it, and it thrives.

People donate their time, talents, and dollars to support Pettisville Friendship Days, a three-day festival held every other year. The festival raises thousands of dollars to support the Pettisville park system.

It also builds such a strong sense of community that hundreds of current- and former- Pettisville residents participate in its multigenerational activities.

Children frolic on the playground and play games. Teenagers group together to play volleyball and basketball, or sit and talk. Young adults return from college to catch up on local news and reestablish old friendships while grandparents show off grandchildren. Everyone enjoys the food, fun and fellowship.

Area businesses are extremely generous in their support, donating items to the auction and prizes for the events. Auction bidders donated more than $15,000.

Building a community takes more than bodies in houses. It takes people who care, who get involved, who participate.

Pettisville is such a community.

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