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Pettisville Enrollment Down 8.7% For 2010-11

The number of students attending Pettisville Local Schools is down 8.7%, to 503 students, for the 2010-11 school year.

That’s a drop of 48 compared to 2009-10, when 551 youngsters were Blackbirds.

Steve Switzer, district superintendent said, the enrollment numbers are early, preliminary numbers based on an unofficial count. The first official count won’t be until October.

The drop in enrollment is split about halfway between district resident students and open enrollment students.

Because school funding is based on the number of students in a district, the loss in both groups will impact the district financial picture.

But the loss of open enrollment students has an immediate impact.

“Take 25 students times $5,700. That’s how much we’re going to lose this year” in state funding, Switzer said.

The result of 25 multiplied by $5,700 is $142,500.

The loss in district resident students will not impact Pettisville this year, because the district’s state funding is guaranteed. The decline could hit the district’s state subsidy next year.


In 2009-10, Pettisville schools hosted 182 open enrollment students. Those are students who live in another school district, who, under Ohio law, are allowed to attend school in any district they choose.

The district receives $5,700 in state subsidy money for every student that attends. The money follows the open enrollment student to the new school.

For the 2010-11 school year, there are 157 open enrollment students at Pettisville, a drop of 25.

The decline in district resident students can be explained by class sizes.

The Class of 2010 graduated 56 students. But this year’s kindergarten class has just 32 members. That’s 24 fewer district-resident students attending Pettisville.

“This is not something we had not anticipated,” Switzer said.


David Deskins, Archbold Area School District superintendent, said the early, preliminary count of students attending Archbold Schools was 1,313.

That’s up 17, or about 1.3%, from the 2009-10 firstday enrollment of 1,296.

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