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Pettisville Board Okays Environmental Study For Wind Turbine

The Pettisville School Board approved a resolution authorizing Steve Switzer, district superintendent, to enter a contract for an environmental study in the ongoing process of constructing a wind turbine at Pettisville.

The environmental study is required by federal regulations, and is expected to cost around $50,000. The cost will be covered by a grant from the Ohio Department of Development.

Completing the environmental study is the next step in building a wind turbine to provide electricity for the new Pettisville school.

The board filed for a stimulus grant of $750,000 to help cover the turbine’s construction cost. The grant will be paid after the turbine is completed.

To cover the cost of construction, the board approved applying for special school construction bonds that carry a near-zero interest rate.

New School

Switzer said foundation work on the new school begins this week. Work continues on the pond for geothermal heating.

Chris Lee, district treasurer, said, “The general fund is just a hair under where we were this time last year, but so far we are not in bad shape.”

He said revenues still exceed expenditures at this point, although many bills remain to be paid before the end of the fiscal year.

Supplemental Contracts

Additional supplemental contracts were approved for the 2010-11 school year:

Kendra Stahl, varsity softball coach; Paul Bishop, varsity baseball coach; Tom Wagner, varsity track coach; Marty Rupp, assistant track coach; Gabe Jaramillo, junior high track coach; Kevin York, track special assistant; Ashley Stuckey, softball special assistant; Steven Hastings, baseball special assistant

The board learned Morgan Sauder, an elementary student, won second place in the Northwest District Elks Lodge essay contest.

Sauder received $150. Two other students, Ava Hoops and Harper Nolander, were winners in the Defiance District.

Jason Waldvogel, elementary principal, gave the board statistics about the success of the Read T.E.A.M. program. He said 95% of the students raised their instructional reading level.

In the program, volunteer mentors work with students. Last year there were 44 mentors who worked 704 hours to help students.

Waldvogel said the elementary school achieved the Gold Award from the Buckeye Best Healthy School program.

All votes were unanimous.

The next board meeting is Monday, July 12, 8 pm, in the school library.–D.J.

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